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Little Tweaks

I spent all of my Friday evening me time perusing blog after blog of DIY projects and home improvement makeovers.  Who’s living the dream now, Carrie?  While scrolling through fab-o ideas and wishing I could do the same thing, I realized that I have!  There are lots of little things I’ve done to the Corn Palace that I have not reported on in oh, the last year or so.  Sorry about that.  I’m not all home improvement all the time, but lately I’ve really been nesting.  Not sure if that is the cold weather forcing me to look at my walls a bit more or if I now have a talented assistant that is more capable than I.  Either way, things have been getting done.  And for those of you wondering, my kitchen is 99.5% complete!  All will be revealed in a separate post…it’s just that good!

Let’s start in the living room, which also happens to be the dining room since I’m a city dweller.  Here’s the earliest photo and post I could find, taken before the two work weekends with my parents right after I bought the house.  Those were the days!  And boy did this house need some help.

After the work weekend about a year and a half ago, this is what it looked like.  I got “new” 1960s chairs from my parent’s basement – my mom found them for a super duper price of $15 each, then recovered them.  They are the most comfortable chairs, and truly vintage.  My pops and I made the bookcase and tv cabinet, and the family painted the walls a sunshine yellow.

And here it is!  I don’t think I ever told you the story about painting the banister and floor landing pieces brown.  I wanted to warm up the space and the white banister was killing me.  I told folks about my idea and had little support.  I just thought they did not have the vision so I did it anyway.  I love it, and Corey and others admitted that it looked much better than they imagined it could.  Which meant I got a few free passes the next time I had some crazy ideas.  Nice.  Throw in a few pillows, accessories and an end table, and Ta-da!  I got that table, the coffee table and a side table from a carpenter who made them just for me with my dimensions and design.  I still need to do spiffying up with them, but for now they do what they need to do.

What else??  Let’s stick with this room.  Here is the plain ol’ couch.  Like the cardboard box table?  Keepin’ it classy.

A year later, here we are!  How ’bout those homemade ikat pillows?  Love, love, love.  And speaking of love, they were made with love by my mother as a Christmas gift.  Yay!  And I learned about ikat.  I love that my mother and Melissa have to teach me about fabric trends because I sure don’t know!  She did such a great job with the piping and getting the right blend of structure and fluffy. Thanks so much, Mom!  They look great!

Also notice that coffee table I was telling you about.  It was primed in brown, and I crackle painted the blue.  Crackle paint!  Also known as sorcery in this house ’cause it’s magic.  I still need to give it a clear coat – it’s sort of getting beat up.  The best part of the table?  It opens and holds all my tools, and it’s the exact right height for my dining room table.  So, when hosting dinner parties, it doubles as seating for three.  I’m smart like that!  One day I will design and build my own furniture.  I just need a workshop. One day.

Hmmm, what else?

My bathroom art!  I come from such a talented family.  My Aunt Bonnie made these 2×3 inch stamp art of ferns.  I had them “commissioned” and she made them to fit my bathroom just perfectly with the right colors.  Thank you, Aunt Bonnie!  She also had the mats and frames, and I painted the mats with the subtle colors of the leftover bathroom paint.  It was Aunt Bonnie’s idea.  You can’t really see it in this photo, but trust me they are beautiful.  And check out my awesome towel rack from Chiasso.  Chiasso has a ton of modern stuff, but the right pieces placed throughout the house gives it some pop.  You won’t find these towel racks at a big box.

So, what have we learned?  1. I desperately need a new camera to take better photos.  Most of these were taken with my phone.  Boo.  2. My family does all the hard work, and I just support and enjoy!  Thanks to everyone who has helped with the house in one way or another.  I can’t believe it will be two years in April.


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