Who is Megan Jane?

There is just enough information here to get you started reading this blog.

I live and love DC.  I bought a house that is consuming my time quite a bit.  The trials of being a single female homeowner keep me entertained which is why I choose to share that on the blog.  I have a roommate that shows up on here a bunch because he provides me with some bit of consistency, sanity and above all, humor.  Other actors that frequently appear are Mike Hawaii (HiM), Salsa Mike, Corby and Subsidized Corn, as they are always providing me with something to write about!

I’m an urban planner, hence the name “planner megan,” not an event planner, family planner, financial planner or schedule planner.  Planner does not speak to my inability to be spontaneous.  In fact, I find my career track as a planner to be hilarious when juxtaposed with my love of performing improv!  One part East Coast busybody, one part Southern belle, one part California hippie, and one part international adventurer.  I’m certainly not a writer, but I play one on the internet.

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