Improv Overload??

Pshaah.  Not possible to overload on something so fun.  However, it’s that time of year when the Fighting Improv Smackdown Tournament (FIST) takes hold of the City (okay, at least my corner of the world) and suddenly I realize that my calendar is full of improv.  Seriously.  Full.  Here’s what I’m up to next week:

  • Sunday – The Harold class that I TA for is having their showcase at 6:00pm.  I’ll be there to take notes and cheer them on!  Probably taking in other showcases before or after, since that’s a fun freebie of new talent and ideas.
  • Monday – Subsidized Corn practice.  At least I get to practice.  Sometimes I get antsy when I just watch performances because I want to get out there so bad!
  • Tuesday – Auditions for a Harold team.  Yes, it’s time I finally tried out.  I’ve let it slip by for a few auditions for a range of reasons (lack of confidence, 10:00 shows are too late, missed the deadline).  But now the stars are aligned, and I’m ready.  Plus, being on the other side of auditions when SubCo had ours was really helpful.
  • Wednesday – WIT happy hour in Columbia Heights.  This is one of the beau’s favorite spots, so of course I’m going.  So technically, this isn’t improv, but it’s improv related.
  • Thursday – Finally, I get to take the stage with my FIST team!  Jules Duffy, Brandon Russell and I, aka Good Friends, will be playing on Thursday, March 15th (Beware the Ides!) at 9:30pm at Source Theater.  Please come out and vote for us so we can advance to the next round!!
  • Friday – A day off.  Whew.
  • Saturday – FIST night for me.  Darnell and Nick (Mere Mortals) are on at 8:00pm and the beau (Two Beards and a Bald) is on at 11:00pm.  Kind of a crappy slot to be on St. Patrick’s Day, but I’ll be there cheering them on and voting for the bestest teams!

So come out and watch with me!  Or, support us on Thursday with your laughter and your votes to move Good Friends to the next round.  If we advance, I will be sure to let everyone know about our next show.

See you there.


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