Did you miss me?

Whew!  Did you realize that it has been over a month since I last wrote?  Some of you have noticed and have let me know about it.  For those of you who have encouraged me to continue writing, thank you!  Starting the new job and finishing the kitchen took a toll, and I have not slowed down since.  Well, there were two times I wanted to write, but writing when in a sour mood never helped anything!

Instead, I’ve been keeping a journal.  That doesn’t really help you, does it?

First, the kitchen.  It looks awesome.  Photos do not do it justice so I hesitate to post them.  Why don’t you just come visit and see it yourself?  My favorite part of all of the remodeling is revealing to my friends and watching their reactions.  It tickles me to no end.  Why would I miss out on that by posting photos?  I have a few items left on the list: move an electrical outlet, caulk the counter top, and figure out what to do with the backsplash…if anything.  Oh, and one more kink in the plan, the fridge just decided to quit working on Sunday.  Ugh.  Refrigerator repairmen are not easy to get.  And honestly, I’m not sure I can replace it because I think we trapped it in with the counter top!  Ahhh!

Next, the job.  I’m having a blast working for Alexandria.  It combines the best part of my transportation planning and marketing skills to try to get people out of single occupancy vehicles and into alternative modes.  I really like the people I work with as they are open to new ideas and trying them out.  That’s much different than my previous perspective of public sector work.  Plus, I get to carpool with Maya, and that has been fun, too.  Speaking of, the commute is beautiful – 25 minutes in the car passing the monuments and along the Potomac River on the GW Parkway.  Refreshing.

Family.  Everyone is doing fine – happy and healthy.  And I know this because I spent the weekend with the Cummings family at our reunion in Branson, MO.  Branson is like nothing I could ever explain here.  Corby is from Branson and she tried to prepare me, but nothing could have prepared me.  I highly suggest you make a trip.  The best way I can describe it is “an auto-centric Christian family values Vegas for middle to late aged.”  We enjoyed the go cart track, putt-putt, and rode a DUKW.  The best part was playing games with family and seeing some of my cousins I haven’t seen in almost 20 years.

What else?  Improv.  There’s always improv!  Subsidized Corn is going to the Del Close Marathon!  It’s 48 solid hours of improv by troupes from all over the country.  We’re very excited.  There were 12 teams from DC who were accepted (it’s a selective process), so it’s like moving the improv party to NYC for the weekend.  How fun is that?  If you want to see us, we’re playing on the UCB Theater stage at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday morning.

I think that’s about it for this time around.  There are plenty of things to write about, and I plan to continue.  And there are some great things that I have no intention of writing about here…but you can ask!

  1. #1 by Lizzie on June 29, 2011 - 9:23 am

    I missed you.

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