Goodbye, Unemployment

Dear Unemployment,

It is with bittersweet feelings that I write this note to you.  Over these past two months, we’ve really gotten to know each other.  We had some good times, right?  We traveled to New York City for a week of improv class at UCB Theater and hung out with Roy in Brooklyn.  We traveled to Los Angeles for a week of reuniting with my planner friends, spending a bit of time on the beach and recalling my planning roots.  We got some projects done around the house, including a good start on a kitchen remodel.  We entertained out of town visitors like Dave, Hirman and Christian.  I directed my first movie, and you were there to support me through it all giving me the time and space I needed to be creative.  We frequented the library and the free small business seminars.  We had lunch with my full-time employed friends, and spent most of it making them jealous.  I even managed to lose a few pounds, which doesn’t typically happen when I’m, ahem, involved.  And don’t get me started on the lazy mornings in bed together…

Yes, it’s been fun.  I wasn’t sure how we would get along at the beginning, but we made it work.  You were thrust upon me, surprisingly out of nowhere like a dreaded blind date that turned out more than okay.  We became a team, and anything was possible together.  Yes, I worried how I would afford our next date sometimes, but you listened when I said I had a budget to keep.  You understood me.

But tonight is our last night together.  As of tomorrow, I will be leaving you and getting into a committed relationship with your much older brother, Full-time Career.  I have high hopes for my future with him.  It’s just that I’ve known him longer and had a history with him before you came along.  I hope you understand.  He’s really all I know.  I’m looking forward to rekindling what we had before you came along to shake up my life.

And while I will always remember our spring fling, I have to do what’s right for me.  With him I feel mature, capable, responsible and needed.  I am free to be myself and travel the world with him.  I love myself more with him.  Sadly, I’ll be back to the land of the early bedtimes and setting my alarm.  But I will always remember the awesome times we had and how creative I felt with you.  I will always look back on this time in my life fondly with love.  I will miss you.

All my love,


  1. #1 by Bonnie Belk on May 24, 2011 - 5:56 pm

    Spring flings! Wonderful. But it’s almost summer, now, and spring will soon look a little old and silly. Time to move on – and lucky for you, you are back with the one you really love. As they say, you leave with the one who brought you.

    Love you,

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