The Kitchen Plan

I wouldn’t be PlannerMegan without a plan, right?  Now that you’ve seen the “before” photos and seen just how drastically unorganized and chaotic the kitchen it, it’s time to share what’s going to happen in that tiny little room that feeds us.

The objectives:

  • Add a dishwasher
  • Increase storage with larger cabinets (going from 24″ to 42″ cabinets with doors will make a huge difference)
  • Increase counter top area by replacing the large sink with a smaller one
  • Add a range hood
  • Gain functionality, space and organization

I’m only working along the one wall to keep costs down.  Plus, I like the wall with the open shelving and butchers block storage.  There may be one or two surprises for that arrangement, but for the most part it stays as is.

The Appliances.  I have some major rearranging plans for the mid-term, so I’m not sure how long this kitchen may last.  For now, the fridge and stove stays.  They work just fine, fit with the new style and it would not be that environmentally friendly to just buy new ones for the sake of buying new ones.  I hate when remodels are advertised as environmentally friendly and they replace stuff that could be reused.  I also bought a used microwave and hope to buy a used dishwasher, so that should help keep costs down and less junk in the landfill.  If any of the appliances break, I’ll think about replacing them with new.  We’ll see.

The Workers.  I have a great three man crew ready for action!  This crew includes my Dad, HiM and me.  Yup, we’re doing it ourselves.  I have an electrician scheduled for Friday to make sure we can add a dishwasher and microwave to the wall without issues.  HiM will install the rest of the electrical, and the three of us will do everything else.  How fun is that?  I’m really pumped because I know we’ll make a great team.  Corby has also offered to stop by to help, but Corey just wants to get the hell out of dodge.  Bless his heart.  I don’t blame him.  If anyone else wants to assist, let me know!

The Schedule.  We really only have four days to do this since I start my new job on Monday, May 23rd.  Yeah, no pressure. We’ve pushed the renovation date back a few times.  I remember telling my parents back in early April that I didn’t want to push it back too far because I might be working full time, and they laughed at me!  Now who knows what she’s talking about?  But no worries.  Dad will still be here during the day to get things done, so no issues there.  And I’ll probably save the back splash project for another weekend, unless this weekend goes so swimmingly that I have extra time.  Of course I would like to just have it completely done, but it’s okay if there are still projects even if I’m terrible at finishing those projects later.

Break it down (I hope to blog the progress every day)

  • Wednesday – clear out kitchen, create make-shift kitchen. Goal: completely empty by the end of the day.  Oh, and get my hair done and give killer improv show at Yola at 7:30.  Priorities!
  • Thursday – demo day.  Goal: old cabinets removed, tile out, down to studs by end of the day. Take stuff to dump.
  • Friday – electrician in the morning, hardwire for microwave and dishwasher. Start to put cabinets in.
  • Saturday – install cabinets, microwave, molding, door knobs, etc.
  • Sunday – install dishwasher, countertop, sink

So that’s a lot to tackle, but it’s completely do-able.

The Budget.  Ah, yes, the budget.  My early estimates were for about $3,450, then I bought cabinets!  Those puppies are not cheap even for a little kitchen like mine.  My revised budget has me spending about $4,300 for the entire project.  I’ve already spent $3,527, so making my budget seems pretty tight now since I still need a dishwasher and tiles and a bunch of small things that will add up quickly.  But totally do-able.  Having the time off has allowed me a great chance to research products and find some good deals.  It’s been a fun challenge to stay within my means.  Plus, it was daunting not knowing if I was going to be employed.  Now that I know I’ll have income again, it isn’t as scary and I’ve been able to splurge on a few items like my kitchen sink.

Initial Estimate Revised Estimate
Sink 500 300
Dishwasher 400 350
Cabinets & hardware 1,000 2,200
Counter tops 600 500
Range Hood/Microwave 250 250
Tile 200 200
Misc 500 500
Total 3,450 4,300

So there you have it, folks.  That’s the plan.  I should get to purchasing a dishwasher and cleaning out the kitchen.  I don’t really have anywhere to put stuff, so that’s sort of an issue at this point.  But blogging isn’t helping me to figure it out any faster, so onward!!  Thanks for reading!

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