William and Kate

Okay, my turn to share my thoughts on the marriage of William and Kate.  I have been following the wedding hoopla, but not to excess.  I’m still keeping it real.  Since I do not have too much going on these days, it’s a few minutes of daily fun time.  Might as well put all this knowledge to good use!  My random thoughts…

How exactly can I be so excited about this wedding?  It makes me feel old that I remember his mother’s wedding!  In 1981, my mom woke me up really early and we watched it in my pajamas at our house on Andover.  I think Melissa was too small and Emily wasn’t even born yet!  So yes, I feel old thinking about how I witnessed William’s parents wedding.  My cousin Brandon got married a few years ago, and I think I’m supposed to remember his parent’s wedding, but I don’t.  That’s the only example in my real life that I can remotely think of, and even that thought makes me feel old!

I’ve always been a fan of William and wondered who he would end up with.  Okay, fine, I admit he was on my freebie list for awhile, back in the early 2000s.  Kate is fine, but I’m not appreciating her recent look of poverty.  She’s 5’10” and down to a size 2.  That’s insane!  Quit losing weight!  She was a perfect size for the engagement announcement.  I know that brides-to-be want to look good, but I’m guessing this is just stress.  None of us can relate to what it could feel like to have billions of people looking at you on your wedding day.  I feel for the girl, but this is what she signed up for.  Is it me, or has she been looking a bit smug recently?  I swear she’s taunting me.

The comparisons between Kate and Diana are nauseating.  Could you imagine if you were being compared to your deceased mother-in-law all over the international media?  They never met, so why are interviewers asking Kate about her?  Weird.  And I would prefer if we gave the style comparisons a rest, too.  Kate’s style is fine as a result of playing it safe for eight years trying to land the Prince.  Once all that is done, she’ll probably come out of her shell.  She’s a tomboy, so why are we looking to her for fashion advice anyway?

Speaking of fashion, enough with the wedding dress speculation!  Or any speculation for that matter!  Reporters don’t know, so why are they reporting on it?  Idle chatter.  This is the part that I skip because I only want the facts of this wedding.  Speaking of facts, you know who makes me laugh every time I see her in an interview? Jessica Hay.  I don’t know this poor girl, but can’t we get someone else to speak on Kate’s behalf?  Jessica is terrible!  And I almost guarantee that she has no inside knowledge.  It’s hard to believe that she and Kate received similar upper crusty education.  Well, it’s worth a laugh at least.

All that said, I’m happy for them.  I guess they seem happy enough.  I’m not jaded, but I hope this works.  Something feels off, but I’m guessing it’s just that I have no clue what I’m talking about!  At this point, I’ll just blame the media and international hoopla.  Clearly, there are many publicists at work and lots of training of what to say and do.  It’s hard to think that behind all of that, there are two people who will be able to share an intimate moment with their friends and family on a very special day.  If it were me, I would elope the day before with a few family members and friends then do the public show for everyone else the next day.  I would leave Jessica Hay out.

Despite my ranting, I am excited for their wedding and all the events.  So yes, on Friday I will be up at 4:00 am watching the coverage.  I’m not sure which station to go with or what to record on the DVR.  At 6:00 am, I will share the wedding live with some of my girl friends, thankful for all my friends and my privacy.

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