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Thanks Aunt Bonnie!

A few weeks ago, Aunt Bonnie and I went to Ikea, Home Depot and Best Buy for some kitchen shopping.  (AB is my aunt who lives in Rockville, MD that I always talk about and some of you have met.)  We always have fun together, especially at Ikea where both of us like to dream and think of creative uses for odd things they sell.  She is a master of storage as evidenced by her Craft Cave of Marvels, a mid-sized and neatly organized basement room that houses all of her stamping materials from floor to ceiling.  It’s so much fun to get lost and explore and create down there.

I was telling AB about my plans to build a half wall to separate the entry from the rest of the room.  I was planning something quite elaborate in my head – a built-in with shelves, painted the same color as the wall, with white molding and possibly a column to really differentiate the spaces.  We found this nice piece instead and it’s so much easier than building a wall! Thanks so much AB!  I promised her photos and I don’t want to disappoint.

The very clean living room, Sept 2010

The very clean living room, Sept 2010

The not-as-clean living room, April 2011

The not-as-clean living room, April 2011

Looks like a cozy entry way

Looks like a cozy entry way

So organized!  Or at least appears that way!

So organized! Or at least appears that way!

I like the simplicity of the black square piece, and it can be used in other parts of the house easily in the future.  It also works as a purse holder or an end table for that side of the sofa.  The baskets handle our mail and extra stuff very well.  Corey and I now have a system!  And it looks great.  Plus, my coats aren’t all over the dining room chairs, and that’s an added bonus.  The traditional coat hooks are perfect for the space and match the molding detail beautifully.  Of course I get this up in spring when coats aren’t such a big deal, but it’s still working.  Thanks for helping, Corey.

Thanks to AB for the great gift!  It was closer to her birthday, and I got the present!



William and Kate

Okay, my turn to share my thoughts on the marriage of William and Kate.  I have been following the wedding hoopla, but not to excess.  I’m still keeping it real.  Since I do not have too much going on these days, it’s a few minutes of daily fun time.  Might as well put all this knowledge to good use!  My random thoughts…

How exactly can I be so excited about this wedding?  It makes me feel old that I remember his mother’s wedding!  In 1981, my mom woke me up really early and we watched it in my pajamas at our house on Andover.  I think Melissa was too small and Emily wasn’t even born yet!  So yes, I feel old thinking about how I witnessed William’s parents wedding.  My cousin Brandon got married a few years ago, and I think I’m supposed to remember his parent’s wedding, but I don’t.  That’s the only example in my real life that I can remotely think of, and even that thought makes me feel old!

I’ve always been a fan of William and wondered who he would end up with.  Okay, fine, I admit he was on my freebie list for awhile, back in the early 2000s.  Kate is fine, but I’m not appreciating her recent look of poverty.  She’s 5’10” and down to a size 2.  That’s insane!  Quit losing weight!  She was a perfect size for the engagement announcement.  I know that brides-to-be want to look good, but I’m guessing this is just stress.  None of us can relate to what it could feel like to have billions of people looking at you on your wedding day.  I feel for the girl, but this is what she signed up for.  Is it me, or has she been looking a bit smug recently?  I swear she’s taunting me.

The comparisons between Kate and Diana are nauseating.  Could you imagine if you were being compared to your deceased mother-in-law all over the international media?  They never met, so why are interviewers asking Kate about her?  Weird.  And I would prefer if we gave the style comparisons a rest, too.  Kate’s style is fine as a result of playing it safe for eight years trying to land the Prince.  Once all that is done, she’ll probably come out of her shell.  She’s a tomboy, so why are we looking to her for fashion advice anyway?

Speaking of fashion, enough with the wedding dress speculation!  Or any speculation for that matter!  Reporters don’t know, so why are they reporting on it?  Idle chatter.  This is the part that I skip because I only want the facts of this wedding.  Speaking of facts, you know who makes me laugh every time I see her in an interview? Jessica Hay.  I don’t know this poor girl, but can’t we get someone else to speak on Kate’s behalf?  Jessica is terrible!  And I almost guarantee that she has no inside knowledge.  It’s hard to believe that she and Kate received similar upper crusty education.  Well, it’s worth a laugh at least.

All that said, I’m happy for them.  I guess they seem happy enough.  I’m not jaded, but I hope this works.  Something feels off, but I’m guessing it’s just that I have no clue what I’m talking about!  At this point, I’ll just blame the media and international hoopla.  Clearly, there are many publicists at work and lots of training of what to say and do.  It’s hard to think that behind all of that, there are two people who will be able to share an intimate moment with their friends and family on a very special day.  If it were me, I would elope the day before with a few family members and friends then do the public show for everyone else the next day.  I would leave Jessica Hay out.

Despite my ranting, I am excited for their wedding and all the events.  So yes, on Friday I will be up at 4:00 am watching the coverage.  I’m not sure which station to go with or what to record on the DVR.  At 6:00 am, I will share the wedding live with some of my girl friends, thankful for all my friends and my privacy.

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Cheater Post

Every time I write a post, it takes me a long time to finish, so I don’t, thus making it more difficult the next time to write a post because there is even more to say.  (With sentences like that, no wonder it takes me so long to write a post!)  Today, I’m taking a short-cut and just posting something from a blog I find inspirational to best describe where I am right now.  From Advanced Riskology, “You Know That Shit You Hate?” post:

“What if you just quit today? What if, all of a sudden, you made the snap decision to quit doing everything you don’t care about and started doing only what’s truly important to you?

What would life be like if you finally pulled the trigger? I think that’s a question worth asking yourself.”

This post best describes where I am right now with my job hunt and my life.  I get to ask myself these questions and seriously try to answer them!  How fun is that?  It really doesn’t get any better than that when you can finally give yourself the freedom to dream and imagine what life could be like.  Every day I have a few things I want or need to get done, but beyond that…I am only doing what is truly important to me, in that moment.   This is an amazing way to live, and I wish everyone could experience it just once.


“Free Time”

When you are immediately given a surprise gift of free time,  it would be easy to think of all sorts of things you would do with it.  The possibilities are endless!  I could spend a whole day just getting caught up on emails and saying hello to friends that I have not been in touch with as much as I would like.  House projects are jumping out at me, especially since I’m at home during the day.  Once the weather gets nice, I’ll be sure to de-weed the garden.  Then you quickly realize how hard it is to get to everything on the wish list.  Like blogging more!!!!  Such is life.

So what have I been doing with my time?

Job search:

This is going well and I remain optimistic beyond what should be considered “normal.”  I have a better idea what gets me excited and which direction my career should head.  I attended the NCAC APA Conference and was reinvigorated remembering what planning used to be to me.  It was great to see so many familiar faces and to hear about a variety of planning topics, something I really enjoyed in planning school.  I also got my law and ethics credits for AICP, so that was an added bonus.

Thanks to so many fabulous people, I have been able to make some contacts and hold some informational interviews that have been helpful.  I’ve applied for a few positions, and every time the resume goes out it makes me feel good.   Thanks to Mom and Salsa for getting my resume polished.  I feel really good when I send it out because it’s a strong resume.


Subsidized Corn is still going strong after an amazing trip to the Adelaide Fringe Festival.  We have a show this Thursday at 9:30 at Source if you want to catch us again.  Just confirmed: April 22 at 8:00pm at DC Improv, SubCo will be taking the stage again.  We practice weekly at Nick’s new house, so that’s one free way to get out and about with friends!

SubCo is also organizing our first ever entry in the 48 Hour Film Project.  Basically, you get 48 hours to create/write/direct/act/edit a 4-7 minute short film using a line of dialog, style and prop that is provided to you.  Everything is new to us, so there is a steep learning curve.  I’m so excited about this and what the Corn can create!  The video below was filmed in Lenoir when we did the Kernels for Carolina…most of it is Laura’s greatness putting together snippets of us playing around with the camera.  She’s very talented!

My FIST team Pledged lost our first match, and it was disappointing because we want to perform together more!  So, we may set up a show just so we get that chance.  Alaina, Sarah and I had a blast remembering our college sorority days and geeking out on all things Southern Belle.  To celebrate, I hosted a Southern Belle Covered Dish on Sunday night.  The menu included fried chicken, potato salad, deviled eggs, cornbread, pecan bars and banana pudding.  Yum. We heard that eating your colors was a good thing, so we went with yellow.  We will be doing this again for sure!

Since I have some time, I signed up for a UCB Intensive course in New York next week.  Totally thrilled.  This idea came to me at 4:00am on Friday when I was reminded that life is too short to not be doing something that you love.  I am staying with a very gracious friend in Brooklyn and living like an actor for a week.   I would never take a week off of work to do something like this (I would rather go abroad or far away if I have a whole week), so this is just perfect.  I’m excited about feeling New York’s weekday vibe, seeing some improv shows, and taking in a few museums and coffee shops for people watching.


Uh, yeah.  Now is the perfect time to remodel my kitchen, right?  Might as well!  I have the time to wait on electricians and plumbers and such…if I even need them.  Dad and HiM will be helping me with the demo and installation, and I can’t wait to see how the three of us work together (I have a hunch it will be a very positive experience).  So far, I’ve shopped for appliances and cabinets and counter tops.  Today I research everything, tomorrow I order everything.  No pressure.  I want to start it earlier rather than later because I’m not sure when I’ll have a new job and I’ll be able to enjoy it more by being at home!  A special thanks to Aunt Bonnie and HiM for shopping with me and to Cameron for suggestions and inspirations.  I will save some of it for a surprise.

Dave, Hirman and I in the Cherry BlossomsWhat else have I done with my time?  Clearly not blogging!  Dave and Hirman stayed with me this weekend and we went to see Cherry Blossoms and fireworks and Smithsonians (photos on FB).  Aunt Bonnie and I went to Ikea yesterday and I put together a bookcase when I returned.  I’ve had several work lunches with folks, yoga with Shauna, and volunteering at WIT.  Corby and I took a long walk on Saturday, and ended up at Bojangle’s at Union Station.  It opened on Thursday and I received four texts from four people letting me know.  Talk about a network in action!  The house was really clean for awhile, and it will be again today, too, when I’m done with it.  It took about a day or two to get the Australia photos somewhat organized.  All 876 (from the Corn alone, not including my Wellington and LA photos) are online, but now I need to choose my favorites, label and organize so you know what you’re looking at.  It just takes awhile!  I also have a few things in the works, like a baseball extravaganza and another cabin in the woods weekend.

I set my alarm every morning and get up at a very reasonable hour everyday, despite some insomnia that has been creeping in.  I don’t watch tv during the day unless it’s on my “lunch hour” when I watch HGTV-usually some sort of kitchen remodel project-so it’s sort of homework.  My routine has me showering in the early evening for my evening social activity, whatever that day may bring.  I find that the busier I am, the more I can get done.  At this point, I’m running out of phone minutes, but I love seeing people in the evenings!  It gives me something to look forward to and a reason to get my work done and not lollygag or dilly dally.  I really just wanted to use the words “lollygag” and “dilly dally.”

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