It’s Tuesday

The days are starting to work themselves together now and I did not expect that to happen so soon.  Last week I was enjoying the sunshine and the freedom, but this week it is back to work.  And by work I mean looking for someone to pay me to do something I enjoy…I’m just trying to find out what that is.  I figure I’ll work from home now while I’m not bored by it, but pretty soon I’ll get restless and need to be somewhere else near people for most of the day.

I dubbed yesterday “Resume Day” where I sharpened my resume, references, writing samples and ordered transcripts in preparation of the Great Job Hunt of 2011.  I gotta say, ordering transcripts is not as easy as it sounds.  Plus, USC charged me $12 and UNC Charlotte only $5, and I’m still not clear how their services will differ for the price.  I also emailed a lot of my professional contacts to let them know that I’m looking and would appreciate if they kept their eyes and ears open.  It took all day to do most of it.  I never liked my alarm when I was going into an office everyday, but I really don’t like my alarm when my subconscious knows that really, truly, technically I don’t have to get out of bed.

Today was “Search Federal Jobs Day”.  Those puppies take so long to hear back from, so I thought it would be the most efficient use of my time and get a jump start.  There are several things out there, though none of them just right.  The trick with the Feds is that you have to know your stuff, or at least be able to answer their non-KSA KSA questions sufficiently.  Yes, I have a pretty varied background, but nothing that jumped out at me perfectly.  There was one non-Fed job that was awesome and my quals fit perfectly, but I’ll save that information for another day.  Needless to say, I’m already calling that job mine!

How hot is Darnell in this photo?

How hot is Darnell in this photo?

In other news, I’ve been pretty busy in the evenings, and that’s how I know what day it is.  On Sunday, after a great tea session with Robbie G, the ladies of Pledged came over.  Pledged is my Fighting Improv Smackdown Tournament (FIST) team with Alaina and Sarah.  Our show is this Thursday, March 24th at 8:00 at Source Theater.  Please come out because we need your vote in the March Madness style single elimination tournament.  Whatever happens, it will be nuts ’cause these girls are craaaay zeeeeee.  We like to laugh and play and be silly, and that will really present itself onstage!  The ladies were over again tonight and we’ve wrapped up the format.  Lookout.  Also, 12 minutes seems so short after doing so many 45 minute shows…I’ll have to remember to get to the point faster.

Monday night SubCo came over for practice and it was great to see everyone together again.  We didn’t have enough time to chat or get caught up too much because we were missing Laura (Rachel if you live in Lenoir), and didn’t want to leave her out.  She’s also performing on Thursday night, but in the 9:30 show.  Other than that I’ve been exercising and Jillian Michaels kicked my butt today.  I went to Whole Foods for dinner.  My car battery died and Corey had to jump it, so for that I am thankful that he is around to do manly stuff.  That means I won’t get a ticket for parking on the wrong side of the street tomorrow morning.  Last thing I need right now is a ticket sitting on my windshield.

Finally, Wednesday is day seven of the cleanse diet and it seems to be working.  Again, I’ll have a post about my thoughts on this and more specifics, such as I don’t really believe our bodies need to be cleansed.   It’s complicated.  For now, just know that I’m losing weight like it’s my first week on the Biggest Loser Ranch (Lauren, they do weddings!!).  I’m not trying to lose weight, it just happens when you eat a diet of rice, veggies, fish, citrus and yogurt.  There are also lots of things you can do with this diet and I’ve had a good time experimenting with it.

And now it’s late and I have a ton of things to do tomorrow, like pay bills and finish my taxes.  Then off to see a movie at the Environmental Film Festival with HiM.  Speaking of HiM, here are all my shots from our fun day at the National Arboretum on Friday.  Good night!

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