Get Ready…

Well kids, get your blog reading shoes on because it’s going to be a blogging frenzy for the next week or two here at the Megan Jane Update!

The Good: Australia and New Zealand posts! It was a wonderful trip and I have lots of photos and things to say about it.  It may take me awhile to sort everything out, but I have time because…

The Bad: Yesterday I was laid off of my job for financial reasons (I was pretty expensive to keep around).  It sucks because I enjoyed the people and projects and really believe that they are making our world a better place. No hard feelings, and I’m pretty optimistic about finding something new and interesting.  I will certainly blog about the progress!

The Ugly: I’m starting a cleanse diet for the next four weeks. Yikes! It will force me to get in the kitchen and explore some veggies!  I am excited about some of the ideas I have and will hopefully blog about the “recipes” I create.  The Aussie food has me very inspired.

So that’s what’s new!  Now that I have a bit more time, I hope to post more often than twice a week. Check back often…

  1. #1 by Aaron on March 16, 2011 - 1:50 pm

    Wow, that’s a lot new! Super bummed for you re: job. Really sucks, and tough timing just returning from your trip. At least you still got paid while you were gone!

    Pam and I are on day 8 of a ten day cleanse. –

    I just called her at work saying I needed to be talked off the Girl Scout Cookie ledge. I have three boxes in my office mocking me.

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