Wellington Travel Thoughts

As is usually the case when I travel, I get to thinking.  Uh oh. Mostly I think when I’m alone like I was for most of today, unlike when I traveled with my troupe mates these last two weeks.  Today I toured “Windy Wellington” on my own.  I always pay attention when I get a free day so my conscious can see how my subconscious likes to play.  From my travels in Europe, I know I like design museums, but I haven’t run across many of those here.  Now that I think about it, I did pick up a New Zealand design magazine at a coffee shop and read it cover-to-cover while scarfing down a veggie quiche.

Anyway, I had some seriously deep thoughts today, none of which will make any sense or be remotely clear or relevant to anything.  I’ll share nonetheless.  Actually, maybe I’ll share the questions I was toying with and continue to work through them, reporting back later.  It’s pretty late now…

1. If money were absolutely no object, what would I do?  How would I spend my time?  Where?  I know I’ve answered these questions a billion times in my head, but for some reason I took myself seriously today.  Something clicked when I realized I may be selling myself short in some of the dreams and aspirations I have for my future.  That was a strange realization because I consider myself to be a pretty big dreamer and do-er.  I know dreams change as we get older, but today I realized that having success so far has made me less of a dreamer.  WTF?  I know better.

2. What should I do with a free day, and why can’t I do more?  I say this quite frequently: I have only two speeds…super fast and completely stopped.  It’s either/or for me, and that is evident on my vacations, too.  It’s not all bad.  This just means that I walk a ton, see a bunch, then poop out at a cafe and chill for an hour or two and just watch the world go by as I sit.  I do this at home and struggle with it.  I wish I could be the type of person that has one constant speed, but I’m not.  I often wonder how this will work in my future and if this is sustainable as I get older.  I’m also not sure if I should just appreciate it and learn to work with it, or if I should sincerely think about adjusting this behavior.

3. Time to start thinking about going minimalist…again.  Well, that’s not a question, but something weighing on my mind.  Everything I’ve needed for life in the past two weeks I’ve been able to fit in my 14kg carry-on sized bag.  Yeah, I could use a laundry machine about now, too.  But other than that, I really don’t need much.  I love how experiences like spending time with loved ones and exploring new places make me realize that everything else just makes me feel heavy.  I have almost forgotten home, so I wouldn’t miss anything.  I have such a terrible memory and it is tough to recall home other than the feelings of happiness it gives me when I think about it.  I have a few possessions I would like to keep around…like my new bikini because it will be the only suit I can wear this summer thanks to some hideous tan lines after a few days in the sun with a blotched sunscreen job.  Point is, I have an entire closet full of things I don’t wear and the day after vacation is typically a good time to go through it.  If I don’t look forward to wearing it after seeing the same crappy options for two weeks, then I’ll never look forward to wearing it.

Where DOES this lead me??

Where DOES this lead me??

It is getting late so I’ll stop there.  I will do my best to write down some other thoughts throughout the day so it won”t be a jumble of messiness.  I am happy that I have 24 hours in Los Angeles so I can ease back into the country and talk some of this out with my west coast peeps.  They usually have good perspectives on these type of thoughts since they are not as involved in my day-to-day life as they once were.  Oh, the transition back to reality….I do not long for you yet.

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