Kernels for Carolina Wrap Up

We had such an amazing time in Lenoir, NC this weekend putting on the Kernels for Carolina show!  Mom and Dad worked so hard to get the house clean, to have people in the audience and to host and feed Subsidized Corn this weekend.  They were wonderful hosts, so a great big Thank You goes to them! They even managed to order the perfect February weather.

A big thank you to F. Futs Cafe and the Main Street Theater for giving us a chance to perform.  We are completely jealous of the wonderful space you have there and wish we had access to a space like that in DC.

The workshop was attended by more than just my family, too!  Lenoir has some amazing talent…probably the most advanced beginners workshop I’ve ever seen.  Thanks to Mom, Dad, Emily, Piatt, Donna, Jeremy, Nicholas, Steve, Cheynne and the German fish farmer (whose name I could not spell correctly if my life depended on it) for coming to the workshop and taking a chance on some random people from out of town!

We put on two shows and we were very pleased, as was the audience.  What an ego boost for Adelaide!  The highest compliment we received was a gentleman that said he felt we were cheating him when we wrapped up the show because he did not want it to end.  Then he looked at his watch and realized we had gone over our time!  That’s good stuff.  The absolute kicker was that all the audience suggestions in the paper game fell right into place.  Either my mom’s prayers that we don’t bomb in front of her friends were answered or all that practice was actually paying off.  How uncanny was that line about Willard?  Come on, that’s pure genius.

The road trip portion was also so much fun!  Normally I have to beg people to play car games with me, but Subsidized Corn is just so easy.  They were counting cows before I could even explain the rules!  And we totally worked our improv games into the car to create “group think,” which is probably why our shows were so awesome.  And here’s a tip, if someone tells you the magic number is 24, don’t believe them because it’s really 32.  Stick with it.

Photos are on Facebook if you haven’t seen them.  We’ll have some killer videos for you soon, hopefully.  Needless to say, we do some crazy things around video cameras!  But here is one to tie you over until then…

Thank you to everyone who came out to watch.  We had so much fun performing for you and hope we can do it again soon.  But only if my mom promises to do her British accent for us.  That was the only thing lacking this time around.

In other Subsidized Corn news, a huge welcome to our newest baby kernel, Evan Kendall Blanco Kachadorian, new baby boy to Steve and his wife Nancy.  We can’t wait to meet the widdle guy!


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  1. #1 by Lizzie on February 24, 2011 - 2:44 pm

    I ❤ you Megan Jane Cummings.

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