Your Valentine’s Day Thoughts, Part I

Let the guest comments begin!!

Bee mine.

Bee mine.

“Many years ago, back when being romantic was easy, I planned an elaborate V-day hike/picnic to watch the sun set over the ocean.  Everything was going great, sun was about to set, champagne was uncorked. Then we heard what seemed to be a buzzing sound. And it was getting louder.  Sure enough, within seconds we saw this huge cloud of bees headed up the mountain and about to overtake us.  We ran for our lives, in separate directions!” ~K.R.

“If you love me, tell me. Run your hands through my hair, kiss me softly and remark on how deep in love you are with me. Do not buy me chocolates or fatten me up with a fancy dinner. I do not need flowers that look beautiful for a few days, then wither and die. Do not buy me jewelry, because it is not true that “Every kiss begins with Kay.” Treat me well year-round, and on Valentine’s Day when you take me in your arms and proclaim that you love me, I will say it back. I will mean it and I will show you.

And if you are my mother, please buy me special Valentine’s Day socks forever and ever. When you started this tradition about 10 years ago, I thought it was silly. Now, I can’t wait to receive my special socks and see what crazy pattern you found this year. Yes, Mom, I know you won’t be around forever. But can’t you stockpile the socks and have a pair come to my house every Valentine’s Day? P.S. I Love You-style? If not, know that my Valentine’s Day will never be the same.” ~C.G. from Simply Solo (one of my favorite blogs, and she wrote this specifically for my readers!)

Two IS better than one.

Two IS better than one.

“I lost my virginity on Valentine’s day. Yes this is super hokey, I’m aware. But I was a good catholic school gal, and if I was going to ‘sin’ I was going to make an event out of it. I had taken not one but two buses for a snowy weekend to visit my boyfriend in a tiny New Yawk college town. We had been dating for about 3 years and this event had come with much planning. We went out for a fancy dinner. It was the only restaurant in town and the place was full of professors who had also taken their special someones out for that night as well. And of course, being broke students we walked to the restaurant from his dorm room. It was a long bitter cold walk in a dress and heels, so “warming” me up was double the challenge for this guy. It was an all together awkward (no surprise there) and overly hyped evening on what I think is probably one the most awkward and overly hyped days of the year. I did though have two requests : we are definitely having not one but TWO desserts, and I get to choose the music during the big occasion. I still make those demands no matter the day. ” ~E.N.


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