Valentine’s Day, The Series

I have always been a bit anti-Valentine’s Day.  It was never a lonely, woe-is-me, I’m single and left out of the party kind of “holiday,” I just never saw a use for it beyond commercialism.  If I love someone or want to send love into the Universe, I will express it when it feels right.  I certainly do not need a day on my calendar to remind me to do this.  Do we only appreciate Mothers on Mother’s Day?  NO!  We tell her we love her when and how it feels right.  It’s sort of the same thing, really.

One of my favorite quotes about love is this:  “Love me when it’s the hardest, because that’s when I need it the most.” It’s pretty easy to love on Valentine’s Day…you’re supposed to!  Even the dorky guy in second grade got Valentine’s Day notes since we were taught to share with everyone (well, maybe he didn’t get my favorite card like my best friends got, but who paid attention to the actual cards when there was candy attached?).  Love me when I’m moody.  Love me when I’m down.  Love me when I’m upset with you.  That’s when I want a Valentine.  Or chocolate.

So many of my Valentine’s Day “celebrations” have been spent with friends.  Last year was a great time with Meghann and the girls for Girls Night In and Amanda became our main entertainment with all her dating stories.  One in particular has stuck in my head and I’ve been cautious ever since!  The year before that was spent at *gasp* an improv workshop with a friend who could not believe I had never celebrated a “traditional Valentine’s Day” as couples do.  He decided to show me how that works.  We certainly had fun, but I just couldn’t see the appeal of overpriced food that makes you feel totally stuffed and lethargic.  The only other Valentine’s Day I remember is getting a cute baby rose bush from my boyfriend at the time, and despite my best attempts to keep it alive, was dead within the month.

This year I will be surrounded by some of my favorite people in all the city watching some of my favorite improvisors in all the city at the WIT Valentine’s Day show.  There is no place I would rather be.

For this Valentine’s Day, as a tribute to my friends, I thought it would be fun to have some guests comment on their thoughts about this day.  I asked a range of ages, both sexes, straight and gay, singles, marrieds and maybe a divorcee or two.  I got some great responses that span the emotional spectrum.  I will release them throughout the day because it became quite long…I would make a terrible editor!  I just enjoyed everything they said so I left all of their original content.

It's easy to send love to the Universe when you're on a bike!

It's easy to send love to the Universe when you're on a bike!

If you have something you want to say about this day, feel free to email me and I will be happy to share with the others.  Even it if is tomorrow!  You know where to find me.

Check back in a bit…and in the meantime, I’ll be sending crazy amounts of love into the universe, as I typically do on a Monday morning when people need it most!


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