Aussie Vacation: Reason 1

I am excited about tonight because it is a free night and I don’t get many of those anymore!  And before you ask, I’m busy with all the stuff I haven’t been able to get to this week, like working late, laundry and eating, so I am unavailable to play.  Booo me.  I also have some SubCo marketing stuff to work on, too.  It has been a wonderful week so far, and props to Sarah and Laura for their awesome stand-up routines that I saw this week!

I just looked at my calendar for the next week.  Holy cow.  Here it goes:

  • Friday, perform improv. Subsidized Corn show at Comedy Spot in Ballston Mall at 8:00 pm.  Tickets are $15.
  • Saturday, practice improv. Aussie SubCo practice, and our final with our mini-coach.   He’s not small, we just hired him for a few sessions.  He’s been great to work with and has advanced the group tremendously!
  • Sunday, strategy and photo session for improv. Meeting with my FIST team (the Fighting Improv Smackdown Tournament, a march madness style improv tourney coming in March).  Details coming soon!
  • Monday, watch improvValentine’s Day WIT show.  I’ll be in the audience with a bunch of pals, and I’m excited about the line up of performers.  They always bring it.  Come join!
  • Tuesday, more practice for improv. Our weekly Subsidized Corn practice.
  • Wednesday, Date Night! (See babe, this is why I appreciate when you plan in advance! Thank you!)

I noticed the other day that I’m getting better, so at least practice is paying off!  And if this weren’t so fun, I would probably ask for an intervention.  Seriously.  But it IS fun, and I’m hanging out with my friends, being creative and spending time with fun people.  It’s also helping to reduce any performance anxiety about traveling around the world to perform.  I’m feeling prepared, and we’ve worked hard.  We are almost ready…well, once we add Goli in the mix!

After I return from the Subsidized Corn roadtrip and our Kernels for Carolina shows in Lenoir, NC, I’ll probably take a break from the improv to clear my head for four days, until I leave for Australia, where I will be practicing, watching and performing more improv!

Aussie Vacation: Reason 1, take a break from a crazy improv schedule!


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