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The Beast

Yes, I  know Michael Hurley.  There… I said it.  Some have called him a “beast” for taking the Winter Weather Warrior contest to the extreme.  With eight days to go, he’s ahead by 165 trips.  He’s a bicycling monster.

For those of you just catching up, Capital Bikeshare and DDOT’s TDM department is having a contest which runs January 1st to February 28th.  There are prizes for different categories like “most time in the saddle” or perfect attendance.  Michael Hurley has perfect attendance and has been dominating the leader board for most trips since the first week, when he had 69 trips and people thought that was amazing and hard to believe.  He hasn’t looked back, and now thinks nothing of 69 trip, and neither do his closest competitors.  A man named Solorzano put up the most trips in one week with 217.

Yes, this Hurley is a beast, but he is also a hero.  See, the man has a wife and a full time job which he continues to maintain (bless his wife’s heart for being so understanding during all of this).  He was fanatical about riding his bike before, then Capital Bikeshare decided to make it a contest.  That’s like asking me to watch four seasons of Gossip Girl in a row…no challenge.

There has been some chatter that “Michael Hurley” isn’t a real person or that he’s more than one person.  I can tell you that isn’t the case.  How does he do it? I don’t know.  But I do know that he’s been to every station twice, rides to Crystal City for dinner and that after a night of driving sleet and snow, he’s likely to say, “another perfect night for riding.”

We’ll know next week if he is the Winter Weather Warrior…



Kernels for Carolina Wrap Up

We had such an amazing time in Lenoir, NC this weekend putting on the Kernels for Carolina show!  Mom and Dad worked so hard to get the house clean, to have people in the audience and to host and feed Subsidized Corn this weekend.  They were wonderful hosts, so a great big Thank You goes to them! They even managed to order the perfect February weather.

A big thank you to F. Futs Cafe and the Main Street Theater for giving us a chance to perform.  We are completely jealous of the wonderful space you have there and wish we had access to a space like that in DC.

The workshop was attended by more than just my family, too!  Lenoir has some amazing talent…probably the most advanced beginners workshop I’ve ever seen.  Thanks to Mom, Dad, Emily, Piatt, Donna, Jeremy, Nicholas, Steve, Cheynne and the German fish farmer (whose name I could not spell correctly if my life depended on it) for coming to the workshop and taking a chance on some random people from out of town!

We put on two shows and we were very pleased, as was the audience.  What an ego boost for Adelaide!  The highest compliment we received was a gentleman that said he felt we were cheating him when we wrapped up the show because he did not want it to end.  Then he looked at his watch and realized we had gone over our time!  That’s good stuff.  The absolute kicker was that all the audience suggestions in the paper game fell right into place.  Either my mom’s prayers that we don’t bomb in front of her friends were answered or all that practice was actually paying off.  How uncanny was that line about Willard?  Come on, that’s pure genius.

The road trip portion was also so much fun!  Normally I have to beg people to play car games with me, but Subsidized Corn is just so easy.  They were counting cows before I could even explain the rules!  And we totally worked our improv games into the car to create “group think,” which is probably why our shows were so awesome.  And here’s a tip, if someone tells you the magic number is 24, don’t believe them because it’s really 32.  Stick with it.

Photos are on Facebook if you haven’t seen them.  We’ll have some killer videos for you soon, hopefully.  Needless to say, we do some crazy things around video cameras!  But here is one to tie you over until then…

Thank you to everyone who came out to watch.  We had so much fun performing for you and hope we can do it again soon.  But only if my mom promises to do her British accent for us.  That was the only thing lacking this time around.

In other Subsidized Corn news, a huge welcome to our newest baby kernel, Evan Kendall Blanco Kachadorian, new baby boy to Steve and his wife Nancy.  We can’t wait to meet the widdle guy!

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Your Valentine’s Day Thoughts, Part IV

Thanks for sticking around, readers!  Here is Part IV for your Valentine’s Day pleasure…

“Considering the fact that the first commercial valentines in America were produced in my home city during the 19th century, one would think that I would “love” it. However any holiday that attempts to humiliate men into the supporting the floral and greeting card industries is a SHAM. I love you every day. I don’t love you more today. Let me give you something when it isn’t expected or an obligation. Plus, all the valentine’s day stuff frequently thwarts my birthday festivities, so call me a Valentine Grinch if you must…xo” ~P.D.

“As I said two Valentine’s Days ago (during my impromptu wedding vows)…more than simply being in love with my valentine, “in case of zombie apocalypse, I feel like I picked the right guy.” Nothing says love like being prepared for the (inevitable?) zombie apocalypse. Happy Valentine’s Day!” ~C.Z.

“I’ve spent this day sharing a bed with a boyfriend that I knew was totally and completely wrong for me. His snoring only compounded my feelings of being trapped and slowly suffocating. This left me feeling inexplicably lonely.

I’ve spent this day sharing my cozy bed with my dog, talking on the phone to a friend that was freezing cold, dodging rats in a DC alley. She was fighting with her boyfriend who was mad that she had shared his gift of chocolate with her single girlfriends. This left me feeling grateful that I wasn’t in the wrong relationship.

I’ve spent this day laughing till my sides hurt, surrounded by my “urban tribe” of close friends, secure in the knowledge that these folks truly love me. This left me feeling so blessed for having the right kind of relationships in my life.

This year I will spend the day celebrating all the different kinds of love I have in my life, enjoying each person for the blessing that they are to my journey.

Thanks for giving me this opportunity to think through my thoughts about VD day. It used to throw me for a loop, especially the one’s when I was single. But now, I like to celebrate the day because it reminds me that love isn’t just between me and a guy. I’m surrounded everyday by folks that love and support me. Which makes my life pretty effing awesome, even when I’m a single lady on VD day!” ~A.H.

“I’m totally not above being incredibly sappy and making big romantic gestures. And I remember liking Valentine’s Day. But these days, really, what I mostly find myself thinking about Valentine’s is, “Just don’t fuck this up… just don’t fuck this up.”” ~J.W.

“When you’re single, Valentine’s Day is an excuse to buy chocolate for yourself. When you’re in a relationship, but not with the right person, Valentine’s Day is an excuse to ask someone else to buy chocolate for you. But when you’re in a relationship with someone you love, and who loves you back, Valentine’s Day is an excuse to make someone you care for feel extra special (with or without chocolate). And that doesn’t suck one bit. Happy Valentine’s Day!” ~P.H.

This is the last of them! What a great message from P.H. to leave us with.  So, go out and make someone you care about feel extra special today, tomorrow and any day.  And remember to keep it simple.

If anyone wants to add your own, feel free to do so in the comments below.  Thanks to all who participated!  This was a ton of fun, and I learned a bit about each of you…a closet cupid, a virgin deflowered, and a zombie apocalypse partner.  Now that’s what I call a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Your Valentine’s Day Thoughts, Part III

This beautiful and poignant comment from my sister deserved it’s own segment…

“As most of Megan’s readers know, Jacob and I lost our beautiful little baby boy, Leo on December 16th. So this Valentine’s Day is very hard for me. Valentine’s Day is all about love and, needless to say, I’ve learned new things about love in the past eight weeks.

People around me (family, friends, and even strangers) have risen up and reminded me how much love and support I have. No one has shown me the love and support I’ve desperately needed more than my wonderful husband. To say he is the bee’s knees in an understatement. He is better than free chicken sandwich day at Chick-fil-a, better than the “hot now” sign flashing at Krispy Kreme, and ten times better than scoring great tickets to a musical you have been dying to see at the half price ticket booth (seeing Fame in London – worst show, thus making it the best show, for around $10 is an example)…you get the picture of how wonderful he is (and SUPER cute to boot)! I know what it feels like to find your heart’s match. For me, Jacob fulfills that longing that we all have to find our “someone”—he is my everything. So the sad part: It breaks my heart that little Leo’s soul mate will never have the opportunity to meet Leo. She (or he) will either never find love or will have to settle for less than his or her perfect match. The idea of this breaks my heart even more than it already is broken.

Right now, during the most painful period of my life, “love,” to me, looks something like this: I still get up in the morning, eat meals, avoid bottles of wine, write e-mails and texts, update facebook, shower, and attempt to get through the day without totally falling apart on the outside. I go through the motions of life so that my pain won’t hurt the people around me, the people I love. In a way, I’m trying to protect them and right now that is as close to a mother’s love as I can get. Needless to say, Valentine’s Day is going to be extra hard this year. I will need LOTS of chocolate. FYI, I like dark chocolate.

Thanks to all who have shown and continue to show me love everyday. I don’t know how I would get through without you. I love you all.” ~M.B.

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Your Valentine’s Day Thoughts, Part II

If you missed the Intro or Part I, feel free to check it out.  Basically, I’m giving some friends and family a chance to comment on their memories, thoughts and feelings about this “holiday.”  Here is Part II….

“Valentine’s Day – well it is certainly a nice way to tell (or remind) someone you love them, but as a holiday it just sucks. And although Hallmark, American Greetings and Whitman might disagree with me… it is right up there with Ground Hog day and Columbus Day (unless you are a federal employee and you get off and paid on Columbus Day!) So, until we turn it over to Disney to market – I guess we will just live with what we have. Happy Valentine Day!” ~ C.C.

“Valentine’s Day is one of those days I used to be ambivalent about. In high school, I anxiously awaited candy-grams in homeroom. In college, it became the occasion for The Vagina Monologues and a low-carb gift basket from my parents. I used to be really bitter around Valentine’s Day because I am never in relationships around that time of year. Actually I am just never in relationships. But I had a co-worker a few years back during a particularly bitter swing (involving an actual sweetheart for once who was out of town for the week of Valentine’s Day. What is my life!!), and she just LOVES Valentine’s Day. To Jenna, what is there NOT to love about a day when people declare/honor/celebrate/hope for love for each other? Honestly, I had never thought about it that way before but it made it a whole lot lovelier. Now I try to think about love in general on Valentine’s Day, so my whole family and friends get something in the mail, a little declaration of my never ending love and appreciation for them. :)” ~L.W.

“Favorite memory is when I was 10 years old, I dressed up as Cupid and hid in the closet of my best friend’s twin sister, aiming for a kiss. I failed completely, since she’d already used her closet that day and I got bored…
Least favorite memory was when I was 24. I had just broken up with my first serious girlfriend two weeks earlier and met her in line to get into a singles night dance. We spent a very awkward couple of hours in line, neither of us prepared to back down, before returning home, alone, having failed to get into the club!” ~R.A.

“If you can’t drink well, why pretend on St. Patrick’s Day? If you can’t dress like a slut well, why pretend on Halloween? If you can’t love well, why try on Valentine’s Day?” ~C.H.

“I was unceremoniously dumped by a man who decided overnight that I was no longer attractive to him, what I said was “What can I do to make you love me again?” What I should have said was “Oh yeah, well once a week you bear a striking resemblance to Charlie Brown, not attractive, but then I wake up the next day and you are back to cute.” Love isn’t all squishy and happy all the time. I would love to see a Valentine’s Day that celebrates the ugly side of love. A movie where the leading man meets the sexy wedding planner and acknowledges that he will probably find her less than attractive on some days and remains faithful to his fiance. A romantic comedy that shows my friend’s 85+ year old grandparents and details all the times they almost killed each other. A love story that portrays a beautiful 60 year old woman full of life who stands by her husband with Alzheimer because she loves the man that he used to be. NO MORE INSTANT GRATIFICATION, no one is attractive 100% of the time, unconditional love is for puppies, real love is hard and will not come from kissing a frog.” ~S.H.

“Love is never having to say you’re sorry… for wearing pimple cream.” ~S.A.

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Your Valentine’s Day Thoughts, Part I

Let the guest comments begin!!

Bee mine.

Bee mine.

“Many years ago, back when being romantic was easy, I planned an elaborate V-day hike/picnic to watch the sun set over the ocean.  Everything was going great, sun was about to set, champagne was uncorked. Then we heard what seemed to be a buzzing sound. And it was getting louder.  Sure enough, within seconds we saw this huge cloud of bees headed up the mountain and about to overtake us.  We ran for our lives, in separate directions!” ~K.R.

“If you love me, tell me. Run your hands through my hair, kiss me softly and remark on how deep in love you are with me. Do not buy me chocolates or fatten me up with a fancy dinner. I do not need flowers that look beautiful for a few days, then wither and die. Do not buy me jewelry, because it is not true that “Every kiss begins with Kay.” Treat me well year-round, and on Valentine’s Day when you take me in your arms and proclaim that you love me, I will say it back. I will mean it and I will show you.

And if you are my mother, please buy me special Valentine’s Day socks forever and ever. When you started this tradition about 10 years ago, I thought it was silly. Now, I can’t wait to receive my special socks and see what crazy pattern you found this year. Yes, Mom, I know you won’t be around forever. But can’t you stockpile the socks and have a pair come to my house every Valentine’s Day? P.S. I Love You-style? If not, know that my Valentine’s Day will never be the same.” ~C.G. from Simply Solo (one of my favorite blogs, and she wrote this specifically for my readers!)

Two IS better than one.

Two IS better than one.

“I lost my virginity on Valentine’s day. Yes this is super hokey, I’m aware. But I was a good catholic school gal, and if I was going to ‘sin’ I was going to make an event out of it. I had taken not one but two buses for a snowy weekend to visit my boyfriend in a tiny New Yawk college town. We had been dating for about 3 years and this event had come with much planning. We went out for a fancy dinner. It was the only restaurant in town and the place was full of professors who had also taken their special someones out for that night as well. And of course, being broke students we walked to the restaurant from his dorm room. It was a long bitter cold walk in a dress and heels, so “warming” me up was double the challenge for this guy. It was an all together awkward (no surprise there) and overly hyped evening on what I think is probably one the most awkward and overly hyped days of the year. I did though have two requests : we are definitely having not one but TWO desserts, and I get to choose the music during the big occasion. I still make those demands no matter the day. ” ~E.N.

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Valentine’s Day, The Series

I have always been a bit anti-Valentine’s Day.  It was never a lonely, woe-is-me, I’m single and left out of the party kind of “holiday,” I just never saw a use for it beyond commercialism.  If I love someone or want to send love into the Universe, I will express it when it feels right.  I certainly do not need a day on my calendar to remind me to do this.  Do we only appreciate Mothers on Mother’s Day?  NO!  We tell her we love her when and how it feels right.  It’s sort of the same thing, really.

One of my favorite quotes about love is this:  “Love me when it’s the hardest, because that’s when I need it the most.” It’s pretty easy to love on Valentine’s Day…you’re supposed to!  Even the dorky guy in second grade got Valentine’s Day notes since we were taught to share with everyone (well, maybe he didn’t get my favorite card like my best friends got, but who paid attention to the actual cards when there was candy attached?).  Love me when I’m moody.  Love me when I’m down.  Love me when I’m upset with you.  That’s when I want a Valentine.  Or chocolate.

So many of my Valentine’s Day “celebrations” have been spent with friends.  Last year was a great time with Meghann and the girls for Girls Night In and Amanda became our main entertainment with all her dating stories.  One in particular has stuck in my head and I’ve been cautious ever since!  The year before that was spent at *gasp* an improv workshop with a friend who could not believe I had never celebrated a “traditional Valentine’s Day” as couples do.  He decided to show me how that works.  We certainly had fun, but I just couldn’t see the appeal of overpriced food that makes you feel totally stuffed and lethargic.  The only other Valentine’s Day I remember is getting a cute baby rose bush from my boyfriend at the time, and despite my best attempts to keep it alive, was dead within the month.

This year I will be surrounded by some of my favorite people in all the city watching some of my favorite improvisors in all the city at the WIT Valentine’s Day show.  There is no place I would rather be.

For this Valentine’s Day, as a tribute to my friends, I thought it would be fun to have some guests comment on their thoughts about this day.  I asked a range of ages, both sexes, straight and gay, singles, marrieds and maybe a divorcee or two.  I got some great responses that span the emotional spectrum.  I will release them throughout the day because it became quite long…I would make a terrible editor!  I just enjoyed everything they said so I left all of their original content.

It's easy to send love to the Universe when you're on a bike!

It's easy to send love to the Universe when you're on a bike!

If you have something you want to say about this day, feel free to email me and I will be happy to share with the others.  Even it if is tomorrow!  You know where to find me.

Check back in a bit…and in the meantime, I’ll be sending crazy amounts of love into the universe, as I typically do on a Monday morning when people need it most!


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