Quick Holiday Catch-up

I love this season so much.  Words to not convey how I love this time of year.  It’s snowing right now and I can’t get enough of it!!  I’m listening to Christmas music like it’s going out of style because it will in less than two weeks.  Can’t get enough!  Here is a quick post to catch you up on all the goings-on (sorry I didn’t call on Sunday, Mom and Dad.  I will soon, promise, but hopefully this will help you get up-to-date so you can ask questions about what you’re most interested in!).

Home Improvement: The house is a wreck and it looks so lived in and comfortable that I don’t want to clean.  I haven’t finished the dishes from the gingerbread party seven days ago.  The tree is so huge and I still haven’t finished decorating it yet, and it probably won’t get decorated anytime soon since there really is no time at this point.  Whatevs, it’s beautiful.

Random: I’m wearing my glasses this week because something flew into my eye while riding my bike (the doctor Tom Haverford said all was good and gave me a prescription)…anyway, I have the worst vision in the world and I hate my glasses so I never wear them.  However, found a few awesome things about that in the last day or two: 1. the tree without my glasses is a glowing mass of lights and it’s awesome.  I wish I could explain what it is I see on this tree without my glasses, but it is like looking through a kaleidoscope.  2. My phone games are in 3-D.  I can’t explain that either but it’s pretty cool, too. 3. My improv didn’t suffer like I thought it would.  Since I can’t see peripherally, it helped me to focus.  Yay.

Improv: Speaking of blind and improv, last night’s benefit for Driving Blind was great!  Subsidized Corn was very pleased with our performance because we had such a fun time.  And I felt pretty close to the cause with my glasses and of course, have a new appreciation for my sight.  Anyway, thanks to Hot & Sweaty for putting it together and raising awareness.  Our next show is Friday night at 8:00 at RFD in Chinatown.  That, too, is a benefit show and you can just pay what you want at the door.  I hope you can make it for Goli’s last show before she moves to Sydney.  Technically, this is the last time all the original SubCo founders will be together for awhile…Sad.

Travel: Speaking of improv and Sydney, I’m in the middle of booking my tickets for Australia!!  I’m very, very excited about this trip.  Subsidized Corn will be performing at the Adelaide Fringe Festival for five shows March 4-6.  More details to come soon about this amazing opportunity.  You are all invited.  I’ll pay for your ticket if you make the trip across the Pacific.  I’ll also see Patrick in New Zealand which will be awesome, too.

Holiday spirit: I forgot the best part of the Gingerbread Night.  After everyone left around 1:30 a.m. Corey says to me, “Want to go to New York?” “Yes.” “Okay, what are you doing on [this day]?” “Nothing.” “Okay, we’re going to get our Christmas on.” Done.  This is why he’s the best roommate ever.  We booked our tickets for the bus immediately.  I can’t tell you how much I love NYC this time of year.  I go every year to get pumped for the season, and I thought I wasn’t going to be able this year.  Jassandra (that’s Jason and Cassandra as a couple) is also joining us, and Cassandra is almost as excited about Christmas as the residents of the Corn Palace.  I’m about to burst just thinking of how much fun we’re going to have.  Separate post on that to come.

The Gang + AFGM does Christmas 2010

The Gang + AFGM does Christmas 2010

Friends update: Maria is coming for dinner next week!  That means she’s going to teach me how to cook again.  And I’m always happy to have her in my kitchen.  Corby is not back in her house yet, and it will probably be awhile.  Something about asbestos and it wasn’t a good situation.  I need the update, but I’ll report back.  The Gang and AFGM had our holiday party on Saturday at Jason’s house for a fun white elephant.  I wish I had the photos of the monkey onsie that Andrew ended up with, but I’m sure he’s happy that I don’t.  It was a fun evening.  People are starting to leave for the holidays, so it’s getting quieter.  But that also means that people are coming home and I get to see them…like Meghann!  I love that I can catch up with so many people this time of year.

Also, I’m taking Corey to my hair guy Linh tonight for his Christmas present: a big boy haircut!  Maybe he’ll let me take before and after photos?  Corey has been squirming about this and it’s making it all worth it.  For some reason he’s nervous.  What? Scared to let me work with your hair?!?  Good thing I’m calling in a professional that knows his stuff.  Merry Christmas, Corey!

So, as you can tell, life has been fast paced and awesome.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  1. #1 by mellowblonde on December 16, 2010 - 2:04 pm

    PLEASE get before and after photos! See you Friday night!

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