Gratitude Day 4: Guests who clean up after themselves*

I’m a day late on this one, but after the fun dinner party last night I was just too pooped to write.  On Tuesday, I had mentioned to Salsa that since I had a free week (i.e. one day this week that wasn’t planned with activities) that I would be cooking.  Twenty minutes later he swings by my office, offering to cook/teach me to cook a chicken and suggests we have a dinner party…at my house.  Now, when Salsa offers to cook, I’ve learned that you take him up on it.  That man can work magic with food.  So I agreed, even if he later felt like he pressured me into it.  I love a good dinner party, so no biggie.

At that point, it became an event.  You know I can’t do dinner for just one or two people!  We ended up with eight people, and I got to use my new coffee table as a bench!  The table and bench seat eight comfortably, I’m proud to say, so it was perfect.  We moved the table to the middle of the room and BAM! it became a large dining room. Very nice.

On the menu was bread and cheese and chips and hummus appetizers (thanks to Rob and Meg).  For dinner we had roasted chicken with an awesome sauce of all sorts of peppers, cilantro, and who knows what else (thanks to Salsa).  Sides of roasted harvest veggies (my dish), potato salad (Corby) and for dessert, pumpkin pie (Corey).  It was quite the Fall Feast.  We had countless bottles of wine, too (everyone contributed to the wine fund).  Countless.

Chicken Bed, aka the sauce ingredients before the blender

Chicken Bed, aka the sauce ingredients before the blender

I have no dishwasher.  It’s painful for events like this, or even the parties we host which have everyone drinking out of the many pint and wine glasses we have.  It usually takes about a week to clean everything up and hand wash and get it dried and put away.  When I agreed to host the party, I told Salsa the only reason I was hesitant was because it takes so long to clean up after.

Nothing too fancy, just good food and fun

Nothing too fancy, just good food and fun

It was about midnight and everyone except Salsa had left.  He and Corey were still going strong (and loud, too, as these are not quiet guys especially when they’ve been drinking).  I was falling asleep on the sofa as I often do.  Salsa got ready to leave, put on his coat, then decided it would be a good idea to start cleaning and do some dishes.  Meg, Corby, Joanna and I had a good jump on it and all the plates were washed, but there was still quite a bit left.   Salsa took off his coat, then asked Corey if he would help him with the dishes.  Corey eagerly agreed (he’s known for his drunk cleaning spurts).  Knowing all was taken care of, I went to bed.

This morning especially, I was thankful that the party guests last night were so helpful in bringing food AND staying to help clean up.  It was such a nice feeling to walk into the kitchen this morning and see an empty and clean sink.  I will certainly invite them all back…there will be many more dinner parties at the Corn Palace!

*Included as part of Gratitude Day 4: Guests who bring wine and flowers and food to dinner parties.  Thank you!!


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