Gratitude Day 3: Inspiration from the P Street Whole Foods

Today, I am grateful that I live near my neighborhood Whole Foods and all the wonderful things it brings…the all-natural peanut butter to feed my addiction, the frozen organic pizza, and the healthy hot food bar.  Who are we kidding with any of that being healthy?  It isn’t that I love Whole Foods as a brand, it’s that I am grateful for the inspiration to try new things and challenge my culinary self.

I am also appreciative of that new faster line they have installed.  They have 26 registers all fed from one line to speed things along.  Much different than the Giant around the corner that has 26 customers frustratingly waiting for one register.  Has anyone timed the new line to see if it moves faster than the traditional check out lines?  Although the quick check line moves pretty swiftly, I still don’t think it is faster than the regular lines.  At least the people watching is supremo for passing the time.

I remember when Whole Foods moved in.  Everyone thought they were crazy for coming into that neighborhood.  But their real estate folks knew what they were doing and that neighborhood has completely transitioned around them.  I remember when 14th Street was as far as I would go when visiting a friend nearby.  Now 14th Street is the main connection from P Street to U Street with bars, restaurants and even my favorite Source Theater and Studio Theater.

Well, no, I didn't cook this.  Whole Foods did.

Well, no, I didn't cook this. Whole Foods did.

So, dear Whole Foods, thank you for taking a chance on this neighborhood.  Thank you for being within a five minute bike ride so I can get my frozen goods home with plenty of time to spare.  Thank you for your seasonal recipes that get sent to my inbox with mouth watering photos that forced inspired me to host a dinner party just to try some out.  Thank you for your very cheap and tasty peanut butter.  Thank you for not scoffing when I mix General Tso’s chicken, five kinds of quinoa, and macaroni and cheese in one disposable container from your hot bar.

I haven’t tried your mezzanine level, but I’d probably thank you for that, too.  It, too, seems like a place I could get inspired, if you know what I mean.



  1. #1 by Corey on November 4, 2010 - 12:46 am

    Veteran wisdom says judge the new lines not on the length but on the number of open cashiers. The one time I used them I got upset when the line stopped moving for 10 seconds it moved that fast. Also, there’s very little downside risk in this setup, as one needy customer doesn’t screw you. If you pick the wrong regular line, good luck.

  2. #2 by Dad on November 4, 2010 - 9:19 am

    Another good post – did you send it to the manager/management of Whole Foods? They need to see these kind of comments so they know they are supportive and on the right track. You could just print it out and slip it in their suggestion box if you can’t find an e-mail address to forward it on.

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