Gratitude Day 2: My house is a home

Happy Voting Day!  I was a happy voter this morning and very anxious to get the results for my ANC2C02 race all afternoon.  Still no verdict yet.  As it is late, I do not have the election results and I get too worked up over DC voting rights, so I’m not going to post about being thankful for the opportunity to vote (even though I am).  I would only come across as angry and bitter at this hour, and there’s no room for that in a Gratitude Project!

Instead, today more than most, I appreciate my house as a home.  When I got home from improv class tonight, Corby and Corey were hanging out in our living room.  Pretty typical on a weeknight evening, though I knew her bedtime was quickly approaching, and I was impressed that she was still up.  Turns out, today her apartment building caught fire and the fire was on her floor.  Luckily, her apartment was on the other side of the building, but others were not so lucky as you can see in the photo.  She isn’t allowed in her house until tomorrow, but she has renter’s insurance and doesn’t think too much is damaged.  A new wardrobe may be in order if the smoke is too bad.  Every door on her floor has been kicked in, so she can only get to her apartment with an escort.  Yeah, that sucks.

Crazy apartment fire right next to hotel in DC

"Crazy apartment fire right next to hotel in DC" via

Corby is spending the night at our house while she gets things sorted out.  We’ll give her an extra key so she can come and go as needed.  She hangs out a lot here anyway, and it’s nice to have her around.  You know I love my house and I appreciate it in so many ways, but today I love my house because it can provide shelter for my friends when they need a place to call home. I appreciate that this house not only gives shelter and warmth (usually…if we turned on the heat when it’s 43 degrees outside it might be warmer), but it provides a spot for us to sleep, eat, play and relax.  And entertain our friends as we did last Saturday and the Saturday before.  And out-of-town visitors enjoy staying at the Corn Palace B&B, and we love hosting them.  I love having people over, and we’ve created a place where people can drop by, hang out and feel comfortable just being here.  When I was younger my parents created that same kind of home, so now I’m happy to carry the torch.  (Too soon for terrible puns, Corby?  Sorry.)

Speaking of torches, a special thank you goes out to the awesome fire men and women who are on call for emergencies like this.  These guys train so hard, respond so well and put their lives in danger for strangers.  And just think, they are ready, willing and able RIGHT NOW to come help you if your house caught on fire.  Right now!  People only thank them once something happens.  Not me.  I’m thanking them now.  Thanks firemen and firewomen!

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