Bathroom Evolution

Now that the bathroom is totally done, and I mean totally done for now, I would like to share some photos.  This puppy has come a loooong way.  When I bought the house, the floor joists under the toilet were so rotted out that the toilet was sinking.  I was scared to use it!  I had a contractor replace the joists and put in a new subfloor, which I then tiled.  I was quite proud of myself if you recall.

Here is what it looked like when I walked through for the second time ever, before I was under contract.

Then the subfloor was put in and the baseboards removed…

Then the tiling….

Then we moved in and enjoyed it for awhile.  This is what that looked like, thanks to the little cabinet that Emily D loaned us…

It held lots of junk.

So we took out the cabinet, put it in the hallway and started to build.  Before making the plans, I started with picking out the door.  It took me 2.5 hours at Community Forklift.  That is the greatest place ever.  My measuring tape and I fondled every shutter, door and window that looked like reasonable candidates for this space.

I was so thrilled when I found this door.  It looked classic and old and special…

I brought it home.  Then Rob told me it came from Ikea and the little European hinges confirmed it.  Deflated because I thought I found something special.  Fine then…I’ll make it special!  The plans and building continued and I bought all the plywood my little Honda could hold.

And it started with this box.  I thought I was so brilliant for coming up with the scale and toilet paper holder, measured so perfectly.  Roy helped with the math to get six shelves, two of each for three different sizes, perfect for a roommate situation.  The math was not the fun part, which is why I called in a Ph.D. scientist.

And the building and playing with tools continued…this is why you do not play with a circular saw inside your house.

Apparently I got really busy or bored taking photos because I do not have any after the priming, caulking (with a silicone caulk, which by the way, means waterproof AND paint proof.  Oh, well!) or painting.  The carpenter finished off the baseboards because they needed a professional’s touch, but I puttied, sanded and painted those (on Saturday morning a few hours before the housewarming party).  He also hung the door because I was afraid to drop it.  I put a translucent “frosted” type glass thing on it to match the window…which really means to mask our personal stuff.

The project took me about ten weeks of non-dedicated work and about $135 of materials.  That’s kind of expensive, but for 10 weekends of entertainment, that’s not so much.  A bargain at $13.50 per weekend!  And that is the finished product….!  I also put in a new sink, new faucet, new mirror, new toilet paper holder (expensive buggers!) and a new lighting fixture (hung twice), and now it’s excellent.  Mom made that awesome linen curtain while she was here for Labor Day.  You can’t see it, but the built-in goes all the way to the ceiling and there is a linen curtain hiding a storage area, too.  If I were better prepared, I would have a photo of that right now but I don’t.  Maybe I will add that when I get it.

I have one or two more decorative things I want to do in this space, but for now it is livable and cozy and fabulous.

  1. #1 by Dad on October 26, 2010 - 9:44 pm

    Great job on the bathroom – you can be proud of your efforts and the results.

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