Garden Tour

Sunday, despite all the things on my house to-do list, I took a little field trip to see the White House Gardens.  The garden, or grounds really, is only open twice per year.  It was a perfect little field trip on a gorgeous Sunday morning.

Highlights of the tour included the famous vegetable garden, swing set, rose garden and putting green.  My favorite part of all was the White House Bee Box.  Pretty cool.  The swing set made it really feel like two little girls lived there…you could almost imagine them running out the back door to the swing set with their friends after school. And judging by the photos they had on display, it seems that Hillary did a lot of ceremonial planting.  Who knew?

It was nice to see what was behind the gates that sit in the middle of my favorite city.  Plus, it is always a good feeling to actually take advantage of some of the tourism items that we have to offer instead of waiting for out-of-town visitors to show around.  Thanks to Whitney for hooking Corey up with the tickets.  The Gang was all there and that includes Corey, Corby, Jason and Andrew, for those of you unfamiliar with this bunch.  I’m not in The Gang, nor do I want to be in The Gang because wanting to be in The Gang is Whit’s role.   After the tour, Corey and I took our CaBi (another post about Capital Bikeshare is forthcoming) to Taylor Street for lunch then walked home.  It was a lovely morning.

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