He Said, She Said: Online Dating

You guys remember Hawaii Mike of backwards hat and top-down-on-the-jeep fame, right?  (That statement was so Kickette of me and I’m proud of it).  We are improv buds and his troupe Just Moxie and my troupe have been performing together on the same circuit.  Our troupes, along with Hot & Sweaty, had two great shows on Saturday night and thanks to all of you who went all the way to Ballston to support us!

Well, exactly two months ago, HiM (henceforth short for Hawaii Mike) posted this blog article on his Embassy of Aloha Press Releases about his reluctant and curious foray into online dating world.  As a veteran of the online and very real dating world, I was curious of his thoughts and I suggested doing a joint “He Said, She Said” article about online dating preferences.  (I’m always looking for guest bloggers, so hit me up if you want to contribute.)  Since both of us are enjoying some dating adventures I thought that would be entertaining for you, dear readers.

HiM and me hiking last spring

HiM and me hiking last spring

Fast forward two months to last Friday when I posted my rules for not putting boy talk on my blog, and of course the next day Mike tells me he’s writing the shared article.  So here I am, conflicted about posting information about my dating life!  In the name of research I’m taking one for the team and putting the Boy Talk Rule on hold for this post (and technically, the zen two word title rule, too).  I am sacrificing for a.) the boys who have to deal with me or people like me online and b.) the boys who have to deal with online dating on their own and they just don’t get it.  Umm, you’re welcome?  Online dating is a lot about marketing, so you either get it or you don’t.  Hopefully the “she said” part of this blog is helpful to all the young lads who want to learn how to snag a fabulous, if picky, lady like myself.

And, as human nature has it, I also have a motive.  Uh, let’s see, a fine guy like HiM is offering to give me the readers some male perspective on the online dating world.  Sign me up.  I mean, that’s for all the ladies out there hoping to catch a fine man like HiM.  You’d be so lucky.  Plus, I’ve had a few requests from friends asking if I could help them with their profile.  Maybe HiM’s insights will be helpful to them, too.

That’s the background information.  The post got really long, so we’re breaking it into a few posts.  So stay tuned for our brain child of “He Said, She Said” of online dating….it’s gonna be a doozie!!



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