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My blog is clearly an open book about my life.  I discuss all sorts of personal things to a world of mysterious readers in the tubes of the interwebs.  Kind of cool to think about.  Even though I’m more open and honest than most people would be, I do have some rules.  Well, one rule at least: if I would not tell a complete stranger on the bus then I should not post it.  Yes, I admit I have a tendency to share too much sometimes.  And don’t worry if you see me on the bus, I wouldn’t actually tell you these things…that’s what the blog is for.  Duh.

You may have noticed that there is a lack of information on this blog about the men I date.  Or really any man that I see in that way (including crushes, flirting episodes, hook ups or boyfriends).  I really only talk about boys after they happen, partly because most of them have access to this blog and partly because I just don’t want to share that part of my life with the public or my coworkers.  A true lady never kisses and tells.

Occasionally, I wish I had an anonymous blog to post funny stories about my run-ins with the opposite sex.  Trust me, there are some good stories!  I’ve been a single lady for quite some time and the stories do stack up.  I reserve those for my marathon gabbing sessions with my closest friends.  Yes, I wish I could post about my love life, but alas, that is mine.

However, I read some fantastic blogs about other folks who are in similar situations in their lives, and I’ll share my favorites so you can get something juicy.  They are much better writers and have a lot more to say on the subject of men.  My newest favorite is Simply Solo about a 25 year old girl who broke off her engagement a few weeks before her wedding and how she’s trying to piece her life back together.  I feel her pain even though I’ve never even remotely been in a situation like hers.  I can’t figure out if I’m drawn to this blog because she writes so well or if I really have a past event in my life that this reminds me of.

Another blog written by a young lady (in her 20s maybe?) in Wilmington, NC, 52 Squires in a Year tracks her attempts to date a guy a week for a year.  Not my favorite writing style, but the stories are entertaining and relatable.  The concept is cool, too.  I also wonder if this is what my life would be like if I were dating in North Carolina, bless my heart.  (Can I bless my own heart?) Finally, A Sheep in Wolves Clothing is about a grad student in Arizona writing about her first year as a believer in love after finding her Captain.  It is adorable and lately she’s been on a healthy eating kick which I can appreciate.


Cabin in the Woods Friday Dinner

Cabin in the Woods Friday Dinner


So here is what I will share:  I date a lot and I somehow manage to enjoy it.  I have surrounded myself with some pretty awesome guys, and I’m lucky to have them in my life to guide me through the turmoil of dating.  I will say yes to anyone who asks me out, but I’ll only go for one date if I do not have a great time.  I have something to learn from all the men in my life, no matter how long they stick around.  I have one profile posted on a dating site and got recognized as being in Subsidized Corn, which is actually pretty cool because I only have one small vague reference to improv.  I have some high standards, but it’s mostly about chemistry and not about height or degrees held or background.  I am open to being set up with your friends, though do not take it personally if I’m not as into them as you are.  I am also interested in your dating advice, though I would appreciate it if you waited for me to ask for it.  And despite some outward presentations and loving life tremendously in my current situation, I want to settle down and find one person to share my chaos with.  And I would like that to be sooner than later, please.  I guess that’s what two weddings in two weekends will do to a person.

One final note, look out world because I’m going blond on Sunday!  I’m naturally a blond but I’ve been dying my hair red for two years.  Blonds do have more fun and now that my hair is getting longer (my man-hunting hair I call it), then it will be lots more fun to be a blond than I probably remember!!

  1. #1 by Paul on October 10, 2010 - 12:14 am

    But I LOVE you red!

  2. #2 by Catherine on December 16, 2010 - 2:01 am

    Aw, thanks for the reference! Nice to know someone is out there reading. Sorry for my delay in this – I just noticed the link back in my stats. I like that you are setting some guidelines for yourself regaridng what you will and won’t blog about. I kinda wish I’d set some boundaries before I got started – cause now it’s pretty much a free-for-all! Good luck with the blog – I’ve really enjoyed reading through your posts!

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