Travel Month

September has been a crazy travel month.  I’m in the middle of three road trips in three weekends plus one business trip.  I realize that this is more travel and fun and games than some people get all year, so I consider myself very lucky!  I have two more trips to go, then I’ll check back in with updates.

  • I’ve written a post about Spa World, which was a unique experience, but I’ve left the draft elsewhere.  Be on the lookout for that shortly.
  • Cabin in the Woods weekend was awesome.  Not much to say about that, but I have lots of photos to share.  It was a glorious weekend of nature, sausage and laughs.
  • San Francisco and Yosemite for Kevin and Beth’s wedding was also awesome.  I got back on Monday and still have not unpacked mentally or physically.  Spending time in the woods with Josh, Neal, Christian and girlfriends was great.  And any chance to see Maria is a great time, too…I’m so happy she’s so happy and living her dream.
  • It is a good thing I have yet to unpack because I’ll need most of the stuff for my next trip this weekend for Andrew and Alice’s wedding.  I’m road tripping with the older Shinners sister, so that should be fun.
  • Tuesday I head to Indianapolis for a career fair at Purdue University.  This is my third year attending and it’s always a treat to speak with the youngsters.

Luckily October will slow down some.  I’ll spend the month prepping the house for a large housewarming party and generally settling in for fall.  I love fall.  I’ve posted some inspirational fall photos from the Cabin in the Woods weekend below.  Which reminds me, I’m trying to decide between staying blond (which is my natural color) or returning to red for the season.  Why is this decision so tough this time?

I’ve read that you should not put travel plans on your website for fear of someone breaking into your house.  Uh, yeah.  I have two other people living there and they will be there, so don’t even think about it.  Unlike the person who stole my bike tire last night from my front yard!!  Grr to you, back bike tire stealer.  And I don’t have time to get another one until next week.  I usually do not lock my back tire (most people don’t), but now I guess I will.  Seems like a lot of trouble, but then again, not sure how much a bike tire is worth!  Probably more than the whole bike, but it’s worth it for my mobility.

Enjoy the photos and happy Wednesday!

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