Quick Blurb

This is a post I did not get to finish last week.  Posts on Cabin in the Woods Weekend will be forthcoming…

Things are going great here in Meganland.  It has been awhile since I posted…the makeover reveal post contributed 100 hits in one day!  That blew away my one day record of 75, so thank you!  You know I love my blog stats.

What’s new?  Things have been busy at work.  Still working for one of my favorite clients with parking work that I enjoy.  I had a six month review yesterday and that went well.  Every time I have to remind myself that those are much better after they are over, and there is usually nothing to fear.  I dread them anyway.  However, they are always constructive and helpful and the dialog goes both ways.  Kudos to the guys for sticking to their guns on having them despite a very busy week for the entire staff.

Did I ever report that Subsidized Corn is the WIT 2010 Cagematch Champions?!?!  Well, we are!  We had an awesome show that I hope to post soon.  We were just so excited to get three weeks of great stage time…the victory was just an added bonus.  Going into the last performance, we had nothing to lose.  That free wheelin’ spirit helped us leave everything we had on the stage.  We walked off the stage on a freakin’ cloud knowing we had done our absolute best which is the way I should approach everything in life.  The team we beat has been around awhile, and some of my friends and former teachers are in the troupe.  They are a great team, so the victory was a surprise to us!   Everyone did well and boy, did that feel good.  And thanks to those who came out to support us over those three weeks!  We couldn’t do it without your votes.  Class starts next week and I’m very excited about that, too.  Nick, Goli, Nancy and Hawaii Mike may all be in the class.  Woo!

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