Makeover, Part II

Apparently some of you have the patience of a fruit fly!  Can’t wait for the next round of photos?  If I had to wait for three months for the house to feel like a home, and work for a long weekend, the least you can do is enjoy the photos when you get them!!  Just kidding folks.  I love your enthusiasm, even if I got called a tease.  Let’s just say it wasn’t the first time!

This post is about the process of getting the room fixed up.  As I said in the last post, working with my parents is pretty easy.  For 33 years we’ve worked together as a team, 31 of those were exclusive before the little sisters came along.  So I get the rhythm.

The fun part of any project is planning.  What?? That’s just me?  Oh.  Anyway, the ‘rents arrived pretty late on Friday night and I did not have much planned.  I knew the old sofas were being taken away on Saturday morning and we would have space to work until the new sofa arrived on Monday.  I sold the old sofas for the exact amount I bought the new one for from Meghann, so I basically got a grown up sofa for free.  Or rather, I got three sofas for $75, which is what I originally paid for the first two sofas.  I heart Craigslist for allowing me to make a deal of a deal, and I heart Jessica and Meghann for sharing their couches with me.

Saturday morning we got off to a somewhat slow start.  Deciding which color to put on the wall was the biggest chore.  I wanted a light rust color…but you know what that looks like?  Peach.  I really don’t like peach (sorry Lauren, but I’m not going with a southwest theme)!  My style is certainly more retro 60s, even before Mad Men came into fashion.  Remember my old place in Santa Monica was more beach 60s than NY Madison Ave 60s, but it’s the same era, different locations.  Much like me.

Dad and I spent about 30 minutes coming up with a plan for the “built-ins” that were not being built in.  We needed a tv stand that could hold our new roommate, the 46″ tv that was a new arrival as of last week, and all the supporting characters such as the PS3, Wii, DVR, cable box, etc.  Plus, it needed to hide all the cords (to show that a woman lives in the house) and work around the beautiful molding at the base board.  I wanted a matching bookcase on the opposite side of the fireplace.  Easy enough!  We planned and planned and figured out exactly what we needed for materials.  Come to think of it, we got exactly what we needed and we were able to return a few pieces of wood, too.  Great planning!

Planning drawings and paint samples

Planning drawings and paint samples

Mom picked out four paint colors, two light rusts, a tan and a yellow.  I fell in love with the yellow.  If the photos don’t do it justice, then you’ll just have to come visit sometime.  Seriously, this yellow is perfect with the couch and the chairs and the fireplace.  Mom also cleaned her heart out in the bathroom, and whoo it is Spaaaar-KLEE!  I kept my bathroom project going all weekend (I’m still not done with it yet) and there was sawdust on everything.  She cleaned that sucker top to bottom, and I still need sunglasses to go in there!  Luckily, she also made a beautiful curtain out of a great linen fabric, so that helps with the brightness and the privacy.  Bathroom posts are a complete different ballgame at this point and I’ll get to those when my project is finished in there.

I’m trying to draw out the length of this post so you can feel how I felt with the anticipation for the completion of the remodeling project.  Is it working?  Speaking of working, here are my two favorite helpers getting the job done.  Dad is gluing the cable cord around the crown molding…that’s right, the cable will not sit in a pile in front of the fireplace anymore!  Grown ups live here now!  And Mom is unpacking the last four boxes (in the living room at least) and dusting each item as it comes out of the box.  I told you she was a whirlwind cleaner!  Awesome!  Thanks Mom and Dad!!

Momma dusting and arranging books

Momma dusting and arranging books

Pops on a ladder gluing the cable cord

Pops on a ladder gluing the cable cord

And now we wait for the final reveal….

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    you are killing me smalls !

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