Living Room Makeover!

My awesome parents came to visit for another work weekend over Labor Day.  Bless their hearts.  They once again worked their butts off to make my house a home.  I now have one more thing to be indebted to them for…not only did they give me life, a happy environment to grow up in, a loving and stable family, my athletic prowess, dashing good looks, charming personality, modesty, a college education and support up the wahzoo, but they have also given me a brand new living room.  The transformation is nothing short of amazing.

Because there is so much to say, I’ll divide this post into a few: before, during and after.  Here are the photos from before:

Living room before 1

Living room before 1

Living room before 2

Living room before 2

Living room before 3

Living room before 3

Living room before 4

Living room before 4

I’m so embarrassed!  That’s why I haven’t posted any photos before now.  It looks like a flea market in here.  Stark white walls, two couches that I love from the 60s but have seen better days, too much furniture (though the chairs under the blanket came with my parents), cables and cords all over the place, a tv stand that was free from our old house, a large old tv (and I don’t mean large flatscreen).  Tools as far as the eye could see for beautiful plywood accent pieces!  Oh, and about four boxes still unpacked.   So that’s what we were working with.

Let me stop for a moment to talk about how much fun I have building and creating with my parents.  We work very well together.  I’m Dad’s sidekick, but more like his right hand.  On several occasions he said, “hand me the thing” and I knew exactly what to give him.  I sometimes wonder if it would be better if we didn’t work so hard, and we could just go see some sites in DC, make some memories and have fun.  But you know what?  We do have fun and make memories.  I have a bookcase and a tv stand that will be with me for a long time and I’ll remember when the three of us had fun Labor Day weekend right after I bought my house and made it feel like home.  These are the times I get to look back on.  And I am so very lucky.

More about the process tomorrow!

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