Personal Improvapaloosa

The fourth annual Improvapaloosa at WIT is upon us!  Guaranteed good time on Thursday night, Friday night and noon to midnight on Saturday.  That’s a lot of improv!  Each day pass is $10 or buy the weekend pass for $20 – what a steal!

If you recall, last year when I was an improvising neophyte in Level 1B, we entered the Department of Transportation Team with Jules, Brandon and Amelia.  I cannot believe that was only a year ago!  I’ve been on the stage a few times since then and seem to be getting more comfortable.  And Subsidized Corn is getting better with each performance and we continue to grow as a team. 

This year I am performing twice: once with SubCo on Thursday and once with Technical Difficulties on Saturday afternoon.  The beauty of WIT’s Improvapaloosa is that you are free to try any format or creative idea you can dream.  This is not your mother’s improv.  Both teams are doing something a little different (we only have 10 minutes), but I’ll leave that as a surprise for folks who come to watch.

This week has me doing my own personal improvapaloosa.  Follow along.  Last night was full SubCo practice at our regular time and place.  Tonight is a practice with Technical Difficulties to prepare for Saturday.  Tomorrow night is a practice with Subsidized Corn: Good on Paper (the abbreviated version of the folks performing on Thursday…there will only be three of the seven of us…and yes, I had a freakout about this yesterday but I’ll get over it by gametime).  Thursday is the SubCo show.  Friday I’ll be volunteering all night as an usher/videotaper at Source.  Saturday afternoon is the Technical Difficulties show, then I’m taking a date to watch some improv on Saturday evening.  For those of you keeping score, that’s practice or performance for six days straight.  Should anyone doubt my dedication to this, please re-read this paragraph.

And so it goes, the life of an actress.

UPDATE: The final schedule just came out.  I will be performing twice on Thursday night and not on Saturday afternoon.  Whew!  Combining them is much better…plus, now you only have to come one time to see me twice!!  Bonus.

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