Street Soccer

On Friday evening after a good swim at the Y and a quick change like Superman, I found myself at “Government Sangria Day” also known to normal people as Jazz in the Sculpture Garden.  Corey, Andrew and I had a lovely time, and I broke my “booze free for 33” vow with two glasses of red wine.  But then I stopped drinking despite two pitchers of yummy sangria waiting to be consumed, so I’m feeling better about the non-drinking thing (which will now be called the drinking in moderation thing).

After jazz I headed to the Street Soccer USA tournament at Kastles Stadium.  My friend Maria has been an intern with them for the last four months in San Francisco, so I went to visit and see what it’s all about.  Street Soccer is an organization for homeless men and women to help create a community through sports that allows for team building, goal setting and providing resources to those who need it.  The tournament this weekend was the US Cup, so 22 teams from around the country came to compete.  And yes, there is an International Street Soccer World Cup in Brazil.  The stories Maria told me were very inspirational and there was certainly a hopeful electricty in the air.

Maria slept on our couch all weekend, so it was awesome to get to hang out with her so much.  Well, when she wasn’t working 6:30am to 10:30pm every day.  I was also really excited to catch up with my friend Melissa who I had not seen in awhile either.  The three of us shared the largest dessert at CapCity Brewery that I’ve ever seen.  Be forewarned should you ever want to order anything from that place that the portions are huge.  Good thing I was biking to all these places to burn off a few extra calories!

Street Soccer with Mii-ria and Mel-Mel2

Street Soccer with Mii-ria and Mel-Mel2

Maria and Melissa

Maria and Melissa

And here is a little sunshine from my garden to brighten your Monday.  Is it terrible that my mom had to remind me that the flowers are okay to pick and arrange in my house?  I got so excited seeing them outside that I totally forgot!

I've got sunshine on an overcast day...

I've got sunshine on an overcast day...

...when it's humid outside, I've got the month of May.

...when it's humid outside, I've got the month of May.

And in other news, the bathroom project is about 23% complete.  The materials have been purchased, the plans have been made and the area cleaned and prepped.  I just need a little bit of help getting some large pieces in place and I’ll be all set to start putting it together!  Stay tuned for another post on this topic.

  1. #1 by Bonnie Belk on August 3, 2010 - 7:25 am

    Your garden looks great! Glad you are enjoying Maryland’s state flower in downtown DC. There are more where those came from. Also still looking at crape myrtles. . .

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