Thanks, Dad!

Although Father’s Day has already passed, I’m still honoring my Dad with a big ‘ol shout out for all the help he’s given me on the house.  If you recall, the ‘rents came to town on Memorial Day weekend to help spruce up the place…actually, to get it to where I could at least work with it.  Granted, before the work weekend, both my parents have been extremely supportive and helpful in assisting and listening to me as I went through the ups and downs of saving, finding and purchasing the home.  But Memorial Day weekend, the ‘rents were even bigger rock stars.

Probably the best thing to come out of the working weekend was Dad teaching me a few helpful home ownership skills.  I can now install a light fixture and replace those little electrical boxes (without getting shocked).  And I’m not talking about changing out the switch plates.  Puh-lease, that’s baby stuff.  I’m talking the real stuff…makes me feel self sufficient.  And I almost forgot the molding in the bath!  Well, there won’t be any photos of that for awhile, but I now know how to install them, and that was a fun project.

Giddy for my new house numbers

Giddy for my new house numbers

Dad totally rocked it outdoors.  My favorite part of buying the house was buying the house numbers to put on the front; I’ve never gotten to do that so it seemed a special treat.  Dad put them in place, and I think they look fabulous!  Thanks, Dad!  He also found the security bars for the downstairs apartment, thus saving me bunches of cash, and painting and installing them.  He helped dig the fence, painted and installed the retaining board, installed two outdoor light fixtures, refinished the Lenoir Bench and other manly outdoor stuff with my Mom.

Inside, Dad killed it.  He painted the kitchen, installed my ceiling fan and painted lots of ceilings, secured my bathroom sink, caulked everything in the bath and did good ol’ fashioned cleaning.  He loaded and unloaded the biggest van full of tools I’ve ever seen, and for that I am very appreciative.  And the bed frame!!  We put our building minds together, drew some plans and made a box spring with mucho storage.  I think he was entertained by the surprised look on my face when it actually worked and fit the way it should!  Just like my mom, he probably did a lot more that I do not know about and maybe never will.

So, here’s to you, Pops!  Thanks so much for everything, and I love you.  (And Mom, too.)

  1. #1 by Dad on June 23, 2010 - 8:05 am

    Your very welcome – it was a team effort and we are a great team! Love you, Dad

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