Thanks, Mom!

The yard: BEFORE

The yard: BEFORE

I’ll start with thanking my Mom.  As you know, Mom and Dad came to visit Memorial Day weekend and totally busted their butts to get things situated.  They brought a whole mini-van worth of stuff from Lenoir – kind of a mini-version of what I imagine Yard Crashers to be.  Actually, that isn’t a bad comparison because in 48 hours the yard was completely transformed.  My Mom said that getting the yard in order is a way to let the neighborhood know that I have arrived and I’m serious about keeping this home orderly.  Well, they know now!  While we worked outside, we must have met about 10 different people who live on my block.  It helps my parents and me sleep better at night knowing that there are people around that I could call on if necessary.

  • Both my parents are hard workers, but my Mom, who celebrated a birthday on that Saturday, was AMAZING.  She worked so hard and sweat so much, poor girl.  The celebration of her birthday was really a celebration of a woman a bit less than twice my age running circles around me.  A maniac.  They took out a tree, put in a fence (which was no easy task) and planted day lillies, black eye-susans, monkey grass and something else I always forget the name of. 

One of the special touches my mom added is the plants that are planted in my front yard were once part of my home in NC and part of Aunt Bonnie’s home in Rockville.  When I water them, I think about knowing them when I was in high school and that they just wanted to be city plants like me.  And the bench that is there was given to me as a Christmas gift when I was in high school.  In the last 15 years, that bench was in my room, then in the basement, then in the back yard in Lenoir.  My Dad recoated the wood and it looks good as new.

Yard AFTER: three weeks and still healthy!

Yard AFTER: three weeks and still healthy!

On the third day, Mom did all sorts of things around the house.  Some stuff I probably don’t even know about yet!  She painted baseboards, the tops of the cabinets, washed down the stove and fridge, did the coffee runs every morning, and countless Home Depot trips.  I think they actually knew her by name by the end of the weekend.  I am incredibly lucky to have such a perfect mother!  Perfect for me at least.  It’s a lot to live up to, but at least I know what I’m striving for.

And the best present to my Mom is that the plants are still very healthy and none of that hard work was for nothing.  So far, all of them have made it, and I water them twice a week.  The bench, which is not chained down yet, is still sitting where we left it.  And the bench is getting good usage, too!  Thank you, MOM!!  For all the work, support, patience and assistance you’ve given me to make this house a home.  Love you!

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