Ugh stuff

Just a little side tracking post…things that make me go ugh.  Go…

  • A really handsome guy standing on the street, until you see the cigarette he’s holding.  Ugly Ugh.
  • Awesome new shoes that look great on your feet and make you feel super confident, until you walk in them too long and get severe blisters.  Ouch Ugh.
  • Talking about other people’s feet or bodily issues.  Nasty Ugh.
  • Meeting a handsome guy that you click with and have a great conversation with, then he drops the w word or gf word.  Disappointed Ugh.
  • Being productive at work all day and getting things done, then realizing that you didn’t hit send.  Doh Ugh.
  • Earthworms on your kitchen floor.  Major ugh.  (Not my kitchen floor, for sure).
  • No A/C with 90 degree weather outside.  Sticky Ugh.
  • Not being strong enough to say “no” when someone asks you to volunteer to be on a committee, and you really don’t have the time.  No thanks Ugh.
  • Walking into my living room at this moment with no end in sight to the chaos that continues to be my house.  Stressful Ugh.
  • Hearing the same boring story for the third time because the person didn’t remember telling you and you’re too nice to cut them off.  Yawn Ugh.
  • Forgetting to send your sister a birthday card on time.  Sorry Ugh.  (I promise to call, Schmemsies!!)
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