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Brazilian Sister

I love the World Cup.  We’ve been over this.  The ratings are coming in, and it looks like we have a winner with Slovenia.  Those boys scored a 6.2 of 10 as a team, my favorite being one of our “true 9s” Jan Durica (minus the mohawk today).  A special thanks to Corby and Corey for the ranking help…full details of the scoring system can be shared if you are interested.  Unfortunately, Slovenia was knocked out this morning in real World Cup play, but I have a new vacation destination for Summer 2011 so it’s not all bad! 

So, in the spirit of the world games, I found this blog post.  I may not know ANY Portugese, but I know exactly what is going on here.  She pretty much got all my picks exactly right.  Well done, my Brazilian Sister.  Hotness is indeed an international language. 

Jan Durica, credit to Brazilian Sister's blog

Jan Durica, credit to Brazilian Sister's blog


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Corn Review

Here is the link to last Thursday’s show.  We’re getting there, considering this was only our second time together on stage as a group.  I see some obvious things I need to work on (can I make an environment just once please?) and other things that were better than usual (my comfort level on the stage).  So sit back and enjoy the (14 minute) show!

PS – thanks to Laura’s boyfriend for recording the show – great sound and video quality.

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Thanks, Dad!

Although Father’s Day has already passed, I’m still honoring my Dad with a big ‘ol shout out for all the help he’s given me on the house.  If you recall, the ‘rents came to town on Memorial Day weekend to help spruce up the place…actually, to get it to where I could at least work with it.  Granted, before the work weekend, both my parents have been extremely supportive and helpful in assisting and listening to me as I went through the ups and downs of saving, finding and purchasing the home.  But Memorial Day weekend, the ‘rents were even bigger rock stars.

Probably the best thing to come out of the working weekend was Dad teaching me a few helpful home ownership skills.  I can now install a light fixture and replace those little electrical boxes (without getting shocked).  And I’m not talking about changing out the switch plates.  Puh-lease, that’s baby stuff.  I’m talking the real stuff…makes me feel self sufficient.  And I almost forgot the molding in the bath!  Well, there won’t be any photos of that for awhile, but I now know how to install them, and that was a fun project.

Giddy for my new house numbers

Giddy for my new house numbers

Dad totally rocked it outdoors.  My favorite part of buying the house was buying the house numbers to put on the front; I’ve never gotten to do that so it seemed a special treat.  Dad put them in place, and I think they look fabulous!  Thanks, Dad!  He also found the security bars for the downstairs apartment, thus saving me bunches of cash, and painting and installing them.  He helped dig the fence, painted and installed the retaining board, installed two outdoor light fixtures, refinished the Lenoir Bench and other manly outdoor stuff with my Mom.

Inside, Dad killed it.  He painted the kitchen, installed my ceiling fan and painted lots of ceilings, secured my bathroom sink, caulked everything in the bath and did good ol’ fashioned cleaning.  He loaded and unloaded the biggest van full of tools I’ve ever seen, and for that I am very appreciative.  And the bed frame!!  We put our building minds together, drew some plans and made a box spring with mucho storage.  I think he was entertained by the surprised look on my face when it actually worked and fit the way it should!  Just like my mom, he probably did a lot more that I do not know about and maybe never will.

So, here’s to you, Pops!  Thanks so much for everything, and I love you.  (And Mom, too.)

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More Corn!

I want to invite (or remind) the cyber world about Subsidized Corn’s “Knee High by the Fourth of July” performance this Thursday, June 24th at 7:30 at the DC Arts Center.  It’s a great lineup – SubCo, Red Dragon, Monster Manual and DMG – all solid troupes.  The DCAC is pretty small, so get there a bit early to pick one of about thirty seats.

After the performance, we’ll be celebrating at the Black Squirrel a job well done and my birthday (a few days early because SOMEONE hijacked my actual birthday).  If you can join us for one or both, I would love to see your smiling face there.  And I’m taking off on Friday, so guaranteed good time on Thursday night!

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Cup Thoughts: Part I

Okay, so I’m no major football enthusiast (soccer, but I’m calling it football to sound “authentic”).  In fact, I’ll go ahead and say I’m a bandwagon fool when it comes to the World Cup.  But I’m no hack either.  I played a few years in organized sport in elementary school as most people my age did when they were kids, and I played the inaugural year of the Hibriten High Womens Soccer Team because they were looking for athletes.  Did I just hear you snicker?  Anyway, I played midfield and kicked the ball around, and I mostly know all the rules so I’m not a complete idiot when it comes to football.  And intuitively I knew that Slovakia was looking sloppy in the first half of the 7:30 game this morning, but they were pushing forward enough and New Zealand’s defense was not together.  I don’t know how I knew, I could just see it. 

But I love, love, love the World Cup.  I have the fever.  Can I converse about who should take it all this year or how the Italians play a certain kind of ball that is completely different from the South Koreans?  No way.  I know nothing about the teams, their strategies, their players, the player’s history or which club they play for.  Granted, I enjoy listening to the commentators talk about that stuff, but I’m not committing it to memory like some of you folks.  It’s a lot like the Olympics to me, and you know how I love the Olympics.

But there is one thing that I love above all else this time every four years…hotties.  Seriously, not to sound all teenager, but those boys…there is a reason I could watch them for so long while they don’t score.  (Thanks to the Shinners sisters for pointing me toward the Vanity Fair coverage.)  And don’t even get me started on the Goalies!  Those guys are my favorite.  If I could design the perfect man physically, I’d start by moulding him from a goalie – any goalie, really, since I have yet to see all of them play.  I don’t play favorites.  Yesterday a coworker who is really into the Cup tried talking to me about uniforms, figuring that would be some common ground for us.  Honey, I’m way past uniforms…in my mind, I’m not even sure they were wearing clothes!!  This must be what it feels like to be a man.

Do you want to know my secret favorite time of the match?  Guess…I’ll give you a minute…..Okay, it’s while they are playing the team’s national anthem and the camera man goes down the line and shows the face of each player doing their thing (mouthing the words to the anthem or taking a moment of silence).  Oh, and when they walk out holding the little kids hands.  Freakin’ adorable.  Those two times within the same five minutes are enough to make any girl flustered.  Now, I’m not going all WAG or anything, I just really enjoy a good match for reasons other than the game…which I enjoy also, but hottie spotting is a great pastime between goals.


Thanks, Mom!

The yard: BEFORE

The yard: BEFORE

I’ll start with thanking my Mom.  As you know, Mom and Dad came to visit Memorial Day weekend and totally busted their butts to get things situated.  They brought a whole mini-van worth of stuff from Lenoir – kind of a mini-version of what I imagine Yard Crashers to be.  Actually, that isn’t a bad comparison because in 48 hours the yard was completely transformed.  My Mom said that getting the yard in order is a way to let the neighborhood know that I have arrived and I’m serious about keeping this home orderly.  Well, they know now!  While we worked outside, we must have met about 10 different people who live on my block.  It helps my parents and me sleep better at night knowing that there are people around that I could call on if necessary.

  • Both my parents are hard workers, but my Mom, who celebrated a birthday on that Saturday, was AMAZING.  She worked so hard and sweat so much, poor girl.  The celebration of her birthday was really a celebration of a woman a bit less than twice my age running circles around me.  A maniac.  They took out a tree, put in a fence (which was no easy task) and planted day lillies, black eye-susans, monkey grass and something else I always forget the name of. 

One of the special touches my mom added is the plants that are planted in my front yard were once part of my home in NC and part of Aunt Bonnie’s home in Rockville.  When I water them, I think about knowing them when I was in high school and that they just wanted to be city plants like me.  And the bench that is there was given to me as a Christmas gift when I was in high school.  In the last 15 years, that bench was in my room, then in the basement, then in the back yard in Lenoir.  My Dad recoated the wood and it looks good as new.

Yard AFTER: three weeks and still healthy!

Yard AFTER: three weeks and still healthy!

On the third day, Mom did all sorts of things around the house.  Some stuff I probably don’t even know about yet!  She painted baseboards, the tops of the cabinets, washed down the stove and fridge, did the coffee runs every morning, and countless Home Depot trips.  I think they actually knew her by name by the end of the weekend.  I am incredibly lucky to have such a perfect mother!  Perfect for me at least.  It’s a lot to live up to, but at least I know what I’m striving for.

And the best present to my Mom is that the plants are still very healthy and none of that hard work was for nothing.  So far, all of them have made it, and I water them twice a week.  The bench, which is not chained down yet, is still sitting where we left it.  And the bench is getting good usage, too!  Thank you, MOM!!  For all the work, support, patience and assistance you’ve given me to make this house a home.  Love you!

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Major Thanks

(If you’re a fan of HIMYM, you hopefully just saluted no one and murmured “Major Thanks.”  Well, I would have.)

Anyway, as we’re getting settled, it’s taking lots of work.  Stupid and unentertaining work.  And two lazy people do not do work very well.  I would show a photo of our living room about now, but since it’s been at least three weeks since moving in, it’s down right embarrassing the state that it’s in.  There may still be a box spring in the living room.  We’re working on it, I promise. 

In the mean time, I have lots of people to thank for getting the house this far.  So, in the next few days, I hope to do a post and photo for each person who has helped fix up 1517.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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