Subsidized Corn Recap

First, I want to thank all the Kernels who came out to support The Corn in our debut on Friday night!  That includes Arlene, Reyna, Laura, Nancy, Mark, Fanny, Mike, John, Corey and Andrew.  It was very comforting and scary seeing your faces in the crowd!  And I hope you all had a great time.

To recap: the get was guitar.  Darnell sang five ditties, Lizzie got to use her Keith Richards accent, I said “sex” a bunch, Goli got some tic-tacs as part of a potluck party and Steve played some awesome tag out games.  At least that’s what I remember.  Everyone had a great night.  I guess the rest you just had to be there.  We missed Nick and can’t wait for all six of us to play together!

Two great things did come out of it. 1. We got invited back for the next run in late June/early July, so that’s good news.  2. Laura has decided that we weren’t the worst troupe she’s ever seen and will be practicing with us soon.  Yay for us!

I think a lot of the kinks and lack of, shall we say grace, will be worked out the more we perform.  A special thanks to MicroCOSM for taking a chance on a little known troupe.  Someone has to believe in us so we can get more stage time and add to our resume, and I’m glad it was you guys.  Thanks for making us feel so welcome.

As a personal note, I’m not sure where my brain was!  As I was performing, I kept seeing people in the audience, and I think that totally freaked me out.  And I keep having this low energy, negative, lack of physicality/voice thing going on.  Ugh.  Not sure why that disappears when I hit the stage, but that’s twice now that I’ve subconsciously/purposefully done that.  I’ll talk with my teacher and figure out what’s going on, then have a chance to work it out at the showcase on Saturday.  My class is in the noon spot, so come on out and enjoy!

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