100th Post!!

Today is the 100th post I’ve written. Happy Centennial, MJU!  That’s 100 “important” things to say. That’s 100 thoughts in my head that make it to your screen.   That’s 100 more things my parents know about me.

And speaking of my parents, although my Dad is my only subscriber, I know they aren’t the only ones reading.  This blog has had a total of 3,248 total views in less than a year.  Thanks!!  The one day record is 67 views, set on October 19, 2009 (still not sure what made that day special).  There have been 41 comments, which is probably 20 something from you and 20 something from me responding to you.  I have twitter and facebook feeds now as my technical abilities have improved.  And so have my good looks in that same time.  Amazing.


Image #172: Blog Stats

Image #172: Blog Stats


Mel-mel says I need to include more photos, and I do my best.  In those 99 posts, I’ve posted 171 images and videos, using only 2.7% of my space.  Lots of photos coming your way, Mel-mel!

Some of you may know that I totally geek out on these graphs, pretty much daily.  So, click away!  I love it.  And I love your comments.  What can I do better?  What are the posts that are most interesting?  Sometimes I wish this blog were anonymous so I could really go on tangents, but alas, I can’t keep my mouth nor my fingers from talking.  You know how I am!!

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