Killer April

Lovely readers!  April is going down as one of the best months of my life!  Can you believe that?!?  So much going on, so there really is not much time to post anything, much less juicy photos (though there are some good ones!).  As Lauren would say, alls I know is that life is sweet.

Let’s review.  The month started with a Nationals baseball game with a whole bunch of friends coming out to enjoy cold beers and sunshine.  FIST ended, and Sophie’s Random Selection lost to the ultimate champion. 

WOW Wear Characters

WOW Wear Characters

Awesome.  And Subsidized Corn got word that our first official performance will be May 14th at the DCAC, so get ready for our premiere!  Plus on Thursday nights, I’m retaking Level 3 improv class with Mark and it’s much better the second time.   I also spent a long weekend in New Orleans at a conference dorking out with all my planner friends, and I’ve yet to cover that topic because I’m not quite off that high just yet.  Friday was the best WOW Wear party I’ve ever been to, of course, it was the only WOW Wear party I’ve ever been to, but I’m looking forward to more because it was so much fun!  I promise photos, for sure.

What is left this month?  Girls night at Molly’s, USC SPPD happy hour with my USC girls, a visit from Dave Gloss, closing on my new house and a trip to Los Angeles to share with Brianna and Reid as they tie the knot and to have a reunion with my LA friends.  Whew!!  Seriously, the best month ever.   Thanks to all for helping, visiting, supporting, drinking, chatting, laughing, traveling, listening and generally being part of my life.

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