Geico Lovin’

I spent a few minutes on the phone with the nice folks at Geico on Friday afternoon.  I have car insurance with them and need to purchase homeowners insurance with an umbrella policy.  I’ve been a huge fan since my car was totalled in 2004 in Los Angeles and they were extremely helpful.  Very helpful – I had a check to replace the car almost immediately, they always answered my calls and the service people have been very polite and helpful when I call.  I’ve been a proud Geico customer since 2001 and happy to tell people about it.

The good news: My call to the homeowners person led me to a call to the umbrella person who out of the blue told me that I could save $234.00 per year on my auto policy by reducing my collision on a 1995 car.  My car is not even worth $500.  Thanks, Geico!  And here’s to Boyd in Newport News, VA, who discovered my savings and shared it with me.

The bad news: Although they could give me all sorts of discounts for multiple policies, I was required to have an auto policy to get the umbrella policy.  Excuse me?  “What if I don’t have a car?” I asked (since I could be carfree at some point in the future).  Then I cannot purchase the umbrella policy.  Seriously?  What a terrible idea.  Don’t penalize me for not polluting your world.  He told me I could get a waiver since I’ve been a good customer for a long time.  That’s crap, Geico.  Who do I write a letter to?

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