Preseason Baseball!

Last Saturday there was the Grandest of the Grandest Parking Lot Parties to not only honor the parking lot Gods, but to celebrate the preseason Nationals game against the Red Sox.  It was quite the “lite tailgate” because official tailgating is not allowed, which means no grills or kegs.  So, working with that information, we did the best we could.  And when I say “we” I mean Salsa Verde Mike (aka Coworker Mike) and me.  We spent countless hours planning, discussing, and generally preparing for this event.  All the credit goes to Mike.  Not only does he like baseball and purchasing tickets, he likes wasting my precious work hours, too. 

It all started when Mike came into my office and asked if I had seven people that wanted to go to a game with him because he bought a slew of tickets and thought that would be fun.  I put out the word to all my buds, and apparently they thought it would be fun, too.  I ended up with 18 takers, so we bought more tickets, and that’s how it spun out of control.  But, thanks to having two professional planners on the job with lots of “free time”, nothing was out of control at all!  We make a great team and I look forward to doing this again soon.

The fun part of all this is that my worlds collided and I love when that happens.  I had representatives from work, improv, UNC Charlotte, USC, Corey’s BLS gang, the DC crew and other long time friends.  I got so caught up in everything that I forgot to take photos at the game!  Hawaii Mike has a few really good ones, so I’ll get some from him and post. 

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The worst part of the day was that Ben’s Chili Bowl is no longer serving vegetarian chili or veggie hot dogs.  Seriously, Ben?  That’s not cool.  One of the major reasons I go to the games is food, and your food specifically.  Not only that, I had to wait in line for waaay too long to be told this and walk away with nasty cheese fries.  Ugh.  At least I look forward to checking out other options now and getting out of any rut I may have been in.

After the game, we returned to the car and drank some more.  This time with a much, much larger crowd thanks to Corey’s crew shot gunning beers with some kids from Navy.  From there we found our way to L’Enfant Plaza to watch some fireworks for the Cherry Blossom Festival.  And it wouldn’t be a weekend without some FISTing, so we headed over to WIT to watch Jules’ team make their way to the final eight of the tournament (they’ve since made it to the final four, so watch their final victories on Saturday night)!

The next morning the Easter bunny came by and delivered candy for all.  Salli and I made a killer Easter breakfast of turkey bacon, eggs, fruit salad, muffins with apple butter and roasted sweet potatoes.  Yum.

After everyone left, I was a little sad, lonely and homesick.  I love having a house full of loved ones, especially on a holiday so I get sad when they leave.  And this time of year I also love sitting on the screened-in porch in Lenoir listening to nature sounds in the backyard with Mom and Dad hanging out nearby.  I am so lucky and blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life that these times are fleeting.  And since the weather was so beautiful, Corey dragged me out to a few open houses.  Thanks Corey, I needed that.

And now I’m in New Orleans, but that’s a separate post…

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