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Pretty Baby

Here it is.  A video clip for the world to see me at my best.  A small tidbit of one of the Top 5 nights of my life so far.   Stardom is clearly in my future.  The setting: New Orleans, on a sidewalk near the French Quarter late one Sunday evening.  Note the conference outfit I spoke in a mere eight hours earlier.  Note the flashbulbs of the Japanese tourists passing though.  Note that I can still hold my self up…and dance.  Pretty respectable if I do say so myself.


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My Phone

And now for my 101st post…writing from my phone! Technology is freakin awesome. I’m still figuring everything out, but at least I can post on the road or in an airport or anywhere away from my computer. Ahhh the freedom! Have a great weekend…

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100th Post!!

Today is the 100th post I’ve written. Happy Centennial, MJU!  That’s 100 “important” things to say. That’s 100 thoughts in my head that make it to your screen.   That’s 100 more things my parents know about me.

And speaking of my parents, although my Dad is my only subscriber, I know they aren’t the only ones reading.  This blog has had a total of 3,248 total views in less than a year.  Thanks!!  The one day record is 67 views, set on October 19, 2009 (still not sure what made that day special).  There have been 41 comments, which is probably 20 something from you and 20 something from me responding to you.  I have twitter and facebook feeds now as my technical abilities have improved.  And so have my good looks in that same time.  Amazing.


Image #172: Blog Stats

Image #172: Blog Stats


Mel-mel says I need to include more photos, and I do my best.  In those 99 posts, I’ve posted 171 images and videos, using only 2.7% of my space.  Lots of photos coming your way, Mel-mel!

Some of you may know that I totally geek out on these graphs, pretty much daily.  So, click away!  I love it.  And I love your comments.  What can I do better?  What are the posts that are most interesting?  Sometimes I wish this blog were anonymous so I could really go on tangents, but alas, I can’t keep my mouth nor my fingers from talking.  You know how I am!!

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Killer April

Lovely readers!  April is going down as one of the best months of my life!  Can you believe that?!?  So much going on, so there really is not much time to post anything, much less juicy photos (though there are some good ones!).  As Lauren would say, alls I know is that life is sweet.

Let’s review.  The month started with a Nationals baseball game with a whole bunch of friends coming out to enjoy cold beers and sunshine.  FIST ended, and Sophie’s Random Selection lost to the ultimate champion. 

WOW Wear Characters

WOW Wear Characters

Awesome.  And Subsidized Corn got word that our first official performance will be May 14th at the DCAC, so get ready for our premiere!  Plus on Thursday nights, I’m retaking Level 3 improv class with Mark and it’s much better the second time.   I also spent a long weekend in New Orleans at a conference dorking out with all my planner friends, and I’ve yet to cover that topic because I’m not quite off that high just yet.  Friday was the best WOW Wear party I’ve ever been to, of course, it was the only WOW Wear party I’ve ever been to, but I’m looking forward to more because it was so much fun!  I promise photos, for sure.

What is left this month?  Girls night at Molly’s, USC SPPD happy hour with my USC girls, a visit from Dave Gloss, closing on my new house and a trip to Los Angeles to share with Brianna and Reid as they tie the knot and to have a reunion with my LA friends.  Whew!!  Seriously, the best month ever.   Thanks to all for helping, visiting, supporting, drinking, chatting, laughing, traveling, listening and generally being part of my life.

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Geico Lovin’

I spent a few minutes on the phone with the nice folks at Geico on Friday afternoon.  I have car insurance with them and need to purchase homeowners insurance with an umbrella policy.  I’ve been a huge fan since my car was totalled in 2004 in Los Angeles and they were extremely helpful.  Very helpful – I had a check to replace the car almost immediately, they always answered my calls and the service people have been very polite and helpful when I call.  I’ve been a proud Geico customer since 2001 and happy to tell people about it.

The good news: My call to the homeowners person led me to a call to the umbrella person who out of the blue told me that I could save $234.00 per year on my auto policy by reducing my collision on a 1995 car.  My car is not even worth $500.  Thanks, Geico!  And here’s to Boyd in Newport News, VA, who discovered my savings and shared it with me.

The bad news: Although they could give me all sorts of discounts for multiple policies, I was required to have an auto policy to get the umbrella policy.  Excuse me?  “What if I don’t have a car?” I asked (since I could be carfree at some point in the future).  Then I cannot purchase the umbrella policy.  Seriously?  What a terrible idea.  Don’t penalize me for not polluting your world.  He told me I could get a waiver since I’ve been a good customer for a long time.  That’s crap, Geico.  Who do I write a letter to?

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Too cute

I just got this from Dwight even though they made it for their wedding over a year ago.  If you know him or Alex, you need to watch this interpretive video of their love.  Freakin’ awesome.  I hope to be that happily in love one day.  Can you feel it?  It was great to see them and all sorts of throwback people these past few days in NoLa.  That city is amazing and I have the best friends in the world.  More on all that later…

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Preseason Baseball!

Last Saturday there was the Grandest of the Grandest Parking Lot Parties to not only honor the parking lot Gods, but to celebrate the preseason Nationals game against the Red Sox.  It was quite the “lite tailgate” because official tailgating is not allowed, which means no grills or kegs.  So, working with that information, we did the best we could.  And when I say “we” I mean Salsa Verde Mike (aka Coworker Mike) and me.  We spent countless hours planning, discussing, and generally preparing for this event.  All the credit goes to Mike.  Not only does he like baseball and purchasing tickets, he likes wasting my precious work hours, too. 

It all started when Mike came into my office and asked if I had seven people that wanted to go to a game with him because he bought a slew of tickets and thought that would be fun.  I put out the word to all my buds, and apparently they thought it would be fun, too.  I ended up with 18 takers, so we bought more tickets, and that’s how it spun out of control.  But, thanks to having two professional planners on the job with lots of “free time”, nothing was out of control at all!  We make a great team and I look forward to doing this again soon.

The fun part of all this is that my worlds collided and I love when that happens.  I had representatives from work, improv, UNC Charlotte, USC, Corey’s BLS gang, the DC crew and other long time friends.  I got so caught up in everything that I forgot to take photos at the game!  Hawaii Mike has a few really good ones, so I’ll get some from him and post. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The worst part of the day was that Ben’s Chili Bowl is no longer serving vegetarian chili or veggie hot dogs.  Seriously, Ben?  That’s not cool.  One of the major reasons I go to the games is food, and your food specifically.  Not only that, I had to wait in line for waaay too long to be told this and walk away with nasty cheese fries.  Ugh.  At least I look forward to checking out other options now and getting out of any rut I may have been in.

After the game, we returned to the car and drank some more.  This time with a much, much larger crowd thanks to Corey’s crew shot gunning beers with some kids from Navy.  From there we found our way to L’Enfant Plaza to watch some fireworks for the Cherry Blossom Festival.  And it wouldn’t be a weekend without some FISTing, so we headed over to WIT to watch Jules’ team make their way to the final eight of the tournament (they’ve since made it to the final four, so watch their final victories on Saturday night)!

The next morning the Easter bunny came by and delivered candy for all.  Salli and I made a killer Easter breakfast of turkey bacon, eggs, fruit salad, muffins with apple butter and roasted sweet potatoes.  Yum.

After everyone left, I was a little sad, lonely and homesick.  I love having a house full of loved ones, especially on a holiday so I get sad when they leave.  And this time of year I also love sitting on the screened-in porch in Lenoir listening to nature sounds in the backyard with Mom and Dad hanging out nearby.  I am so lucky and blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life that these times are fleeting.  And since the weather was so beautiful, Corey dragged me out to a few open houses.  Thanks Corey, I needed that.

And now I’m in New Orleans, but that’s a separate post…

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