DC March

Ah, yes.  Spring is here again in our nation’s capital.  Lovely though it is, local residents are not always excited about this time of year in our beautiful city.  “But the cherry blossoms!” you say?  Yes, they are brilliant, but I have to share them with the entire country.  I take the snowstorms so I can get the cherry blossoms, but I don’t remember any tourists around to help shovel snow.

So come one, come all.  I live on the metro lines that service the Capitol, the Mall, and the White House.  My morning commute will slowly start to see a rise in people who do not know how to behave on the metro – I’m talking to you large slow moving student groups, people who voice confusion loudly in the hopes someone will help them and the worst offenders, people who stand on the left side of the escalators.  Don’t get me started!  I will endure you for the next month or so, in the hopes that the school groups leave town for final exams and you can give the city back to me in May… before the rush of families visit for the summer and start the process all over again with obnoxious complaints about heat.

“But it’s such an exciting place to live!” you say?  Why yes, it is.  There is always something happening and for that I am truly thankful.  But take this weekend if you will.  I could have marched in three major marches – Iraq war protest, immigration reform, or a little Tea Party about healthcare reform.  No thanks.  I marched my butt right on out of town to Mason Neck State Park in VA for a little hike by the Potomac, joined by my zen partner in crime, Hawaii-Mike-0.

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