Green Day

Not much to report.  Work has been crazy busy, which is awesome.  Hopefully we’ll get a few of these big projects to fund my next work adventure – tackling the website.  Tuesday night was practice with Subsidized Corn.  We experimented with musicals – actually just singing – and of course I really enjoyed that. 

Yesterday was Appreciate Your Freckles Day, and if you do not or did not have freckles growing up you wouldn’t understand.  My day was pretty low key with the exception of the red head in the office that spoke in an Irish accent at work all day.  Pretty funny, but at least it was a decent accent – she won a contest in her earlier days she told me.  In an Irish accent, of course. 

In the evening, I headed to U Street for dinner, Craicdown and drinks.  Ate at DC Noodles, which was darn good, and props to the waiter who helped me pick out an awesome and all natural selection that was fantastic!  Then, the group (Improv Mike, Amanda, John and Nathan) saw the Craicdown show at Source, partially sponsored by WIT.  Hopefully Mike will share some of his photos for the evening.

Yes, I entered the River River Dance Dance Revolution contest and had a decent showing.  I was one of the last three to be knocked out and the judge said to me “your feet are going in different directions, so no.”  We had a good laugh.  I only tell you this because my sister Melissa really enjoys it when I River Dance, so I thought she would like to know that all that practice actually came in handy for something.

  1. #1 by Melissa on March 22, 2010 - 1:02 pm

    Yeah Meg-Meg and river dancing!!! I can’t believe someone actually beat are really good! They must be professionals???

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