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Testing, testing

Working in a Twitter class. Thought I would try something. Hello from MLK library!


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Quick Post

Loyal readers, I cannot believe it has been a week since my last post!  I have some doozies coming up, so please continue to stay tuned. 

For the next three hours I will be sitting by my phone waiting for a call from my realtor to tell me if I got the place I most recently put an offer on.  Third time is a charm!  There is one other offer, and to make things more fun and interesting, my realtor is also the seller’s realtor.  Oh, and he lives right around the corner, so it’s his neighborhood he’s dealing with.  

I’m going to sit tight or “play the wii machine” to get out some extra energy, try to distract myself with peanut butter and/or blog about my most recent activities.  Thanks for hanging in there with me, and thanks for reading!!

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DC March

Ah, yes.  Spring is here again in our nation’s capital.  Lovely though it is, local residents are not always excited about this time of year in our beautiful city.  “But the cherry blossoms!” you say?  Yes, they are brilliant, but I have to share them with the entire country.  I take the snowstorms so I can get the cherry blossoms, but I don’t remember any tourists around to help shovel snow.

So come one, come all.  I live on the metro lines that service the Capitol, the Mall, and the White House.  My morning commute will slowly start to see a rise in people who do not know how to behave on the metro – I’m talking to you large slow moving student groups, people who voice confusion loudly in the hopes someone will help them and the worst offenders, people who stand on the left side of the escalators.  Don’t get me started!  I will endure you for the next month or so, in the hopes that the school groups leave town for final exams and you can give the city back to me in May… before the rush of families visit for the summer and start the process all over again with obnoxious complaints about heat.

“But it’s such an exciting place to live!” you say?  Why yes, it is.  There is always something happening and for that I am truly thankful.  But take this weekend if you will.  I could have marched in three major marches – Iraq war protest, immigration reform, or a little Tea Party about healthcare reform.  No thanks.  I marched my butt right on out of town to Mason Neck State Park in VA for a little hike by the Potomac, joined by my zen partner in crime, Hawaii-Mike-0.

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Green Day

Not much to report.  Work has been crazy busy, which is awesome.  Hopefully we’ll get a few of these big projects to fund my next work adventure – tackling the website.  Tuesday night was practice with Subsidized Corn.  We experimented with musicals – actually just singing – and of course I really enjoyed that. 

Yesterday was Appreciate Your Freckles Day, and if you do not or did not have freckles growing up you wouldn’t understand.  My day was pretty low key with the exception of the red head in the office that spoke in an Irish accent at work all day.  Pretty funny, but at least it was a decent accent – she won a contest in her earlier days she told me.  In an Irish accent, of course. 

In the evening, I headed to U Street for dinner, Craicdown and drinks.  Ate at DC Noodles, which was darn good, and props to the waiter who helped me pick out an awesome and all natural selection that was fantastic!  Then, the group (Improv Mike, Amanda, John and Nathan) saw the Craicdown show at Source, partially sponsored by WIT.  Hopefully Mike will share some of his photos for the evening.

Yes, I entered the River River Dance Dance Revolution contest and had a decent showing.  I was one of the last three to be knocked out and the judge said to me “your feet are going in different directions, so no.”  We had a good laugh.  I only tell you this because my sister Melissa really enjoys it when I River Dance, so I thought she would like to know that all that practice actually came in handy for something.

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Can I just say right now that things are really good – without jinxing it?  And it isn’t that everything is swimmingly perfect or dazzlingly falling into place.   Work is good, I’m still looking for a house to buy, and my personal life seems to be actively settled.  I haven’t traveled in a while, and I’m living quite frugally so I can eek out that last little bit for a down payment.  My improv performance on Saturday was mediocre at best, but who cares?

Yet, I’m so thrilled to be alive.  I can’t even explain it.  It’s coming from within and I’m about to burst!  I’ve had this quite a bit since just before Christmas.  It’s a calm, warm feeling.  The good days are totally outnumbering the bad ones.  It feels like everything is as it should be.  Comfortable yet still exciting.

During my 7-minute walk from the Metro to my office the other day, I challenged myself to rattle off all the things I could think of to be thankful for.  I could have easily gone for another 20 minutes.  But geez, that turned into a great day.  And now look!  Positive thoughts do breed more positive thoughts.

Part of this confidence and adjustment comes from something I was dealing with last week – I was drowning in my own head, but I figured it out and emerged in a better place.  I worked through it, listened to myself, read a bit, and slowed down.  I talked with people like my Mom, Darnell, and “Salsa Verde” Mike (not to be confused with “Improv” Mike).  And I’m back!!  It’s like I figured out that no matter what, I can’t lose.

This weekend was certainly a fun weekend.  Friday afternoon I came up empty on the house hunt.  Friday night was a “Corn” trip to Damascus High School with Goli, Darnell, and Nick to see Steve direct the HS performance of Thoroughly Modern Millie.  They were darn good, too.  I was very impressed with the high schooler’s talents, and the directing wasn’t so bad, either!  Saturday, I missed coffee with Rob because of some house stuff, then improv all day.  Watched Lizzie and Brandon perform at 3:00, then went to dinner with Darnell, Nick, and Lylie before our 6:00 performance.  I worked the booth again (counting the volunteer hours towards a discount on classes).  After three rounds of FIST performances (including Jules’ victory), grabbed a few drinks with Jules, Brandon, Pat, Alana and Improv Mike.  Sunday was (br?)lunch at Firefly, Hirschorn Museum and Thai with Improv Mike.  Awesome weekend. 

Moral of the story….love.  Send it out without expectation or condition and it will return exponentially.

Okay, weirdest thing.  Three minutes after I finished this post, I’m editing it and BAM!  Peter, Paul and Mary came on Pandora with the song “There is Love.”  I kid you not.  This is getting freaky.

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Day Five

Kim, this one’s for you.  It’s day five on my all natural diet, though I should not be counting because I hope this becomes a way of life instead of a “diet” diet.  I’m not trying to lose weight or anything silly.  The goals of this diet are to eat more naturally, be stronger, of clearer mind (and skin), and include all the food groups in even proportions.  Less chemicals, more vitamins.

Much like my “religion” I did not get this diet from any one place, instead combining my beliefs from my research and folks who know.  Leah in Santa Monica, the nutritionist at USC that I had a consultation with, and bits and pieces from the interwebs are my main sources of information.  So, take it for what it’s worth, but it always works for me.  I’ve done this diet for a month or two each year for the last four years and felt amazingly clear headed and light.  It’s the weirdest thing, but it’s absolutely true that the better food you put into your body, the better your body will work for you.


You can make your own “rules” but the premise is basic:

  • Eat what comes from the earth.  Read the labels on EVERYTHING.  If you don’t recognize the ingredients as a vegetable or fruit or meat, then don’t eat it.  I usually go vegetarian for this, but that’s my option since I don’t eat red meat anyway.  When Corey does this, he eats massive amounts of all natural steak and asparagus.  That works.  I go crazy for all natural peanut butter and spread it on an apple or banana.  Just make sure to balance fruits, vegetables, carbs and proteins.  I take a multivitamin daily for anything I’ve missed, but then again, that’s a big ol’ blob of chemicals which is sort of against the whole premise.
  • Eat when you’re hungry.  I eat all day long, every few hours, but I don’t eat much so it all evens out.  And thanks to beans and tea, I stay full longer.  Protein every time you eat is essential.
  • Drink only water and tea.  Don’t even get me started on the stuff that’s in soft drinks!  I refuse.  And orange juice is okay as long as there is no sugar.  Or you could squeeze your own oranges, but who has time for that?
  • No added sugars.  Watch out for all types of sugars in everything.  It auspiciously hides with many different names.  Fruit sugars are okay – we need some amount of natural carbohydrates from sugar.

And that’s it.  I’m not a dietician, so don’t take my medical advice.  I just know it works for me.  And it is a fun past time figuring out what is “good” or “bad” and the trends.  Let me know if you have questions!

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Sophie’s Review

Sophie’s Random Selection was victorious on Saturday night!  Thanks to all who supported in one way or another.  They did a great job, had a lot of fun and energy, and the crowd was really into it.  You can watch the video here, but be forewarned, improv nowhere near translates into video.  It’s a little difficult to hear, but what you will get from just a few minutes:

  • Learning the players.  Nick is the tall guy, Goli is in the blue hoodie and Lizzie is in the red hoodie.
  • Listening to the crowd feedback.
  • Seeing the competition in the second half of the 25 minute clip.
  • At about the 11:00 minute mark of the performance, the lights are supposed to dim just a bit to warn the players that they have one minute remaining.  I had one job in the booth all night, and I messed it up!  SRS was totally cool about it.  You can see that in the video, too.

Extra shoutout. 

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