Pretty Pathetic

Yes, I’m a pathetic sick person, a whiny baby, a helpless lump.  And no one wants to hear about it, I’m sure, but in my boredom I took this photo of all the necessities in my little world:

I've stared at this for three days now.

I've stared at this for three days now.


  • glass of water, one quarter full
  • lotion
  • smell good sticks, as if I could smell anything
  • thermometer
  • pony tail holder
  • last night’s mound of used kleenex (or toilet paper as the case may be).
  • pencil and journal, to capture my zany brain so my regular brain can look back on this time and chuckle
  • cell phone
  • chapstick

Not pictured

  • Roll of toilet paper.  It has to sit by my right hand for quick response
  • Laptop.  Obviously, it’s sitting in my lap.
  • Sudoku, most recent issue of Dwell, and Blink, the Malcolm Gladwell book I’m chugging through.  All sitting on my bed.

I’m so loopy and tired of looking at the same four walls and generally tired.  At least I can laugh with/at/by myself!  And I’m in really good spirits, if nothing else.  Nap time.  And at some point today, I will write my second cousin Kelly who has been in the hospital since December.  I cannot imagine how she can take this and be so awesome through everything she has been through.

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