Just Another Thursday

Inquiring minds are inquiring about the house.  No, nothing yet.  Payam took my final-final and best offer to them today.  He told me he would not leave without a signature, though, unless he’s sleeping there tonight, no signature so no deal.  He tells me I should know tomorrow.  Great, my work deadline that was on Wednesday was magically delayed until tomorrow, as if I did not have enough to think about.  No focus.  Then, at 11:30 a.m. we have an all staff meeting and those only happen about twice a year so I cannot be late.  Basically a half written proposal has to be done by 11:00 tomorrow morning.  And I can’t sleep.

Today was my third full day of the all natural, no preservatives, no processed, no sugars, no nothing diet.  From the earth only.  I always get cranky the first few days while craving sugar, but I’m handling it okay.  Corey and I have given ourselves tomorrow night off since we both have things to do that are very important to us, but in exchange, we’re going an extra few days.  Instead of Wednesday to Tuesday, we’re now going Wednesday to the following Friday night.  I can hold out that long for sure, I just need to get some time to prepare some food!  It’s practically impossible to eat out or eat on the run on this diet.

Last night I saw “In The Red and Brown Water” at the Studio Theater and it was the best show I’ve seen there by far.  The characters were excellent and they went into and out of narrating for themselves in aninteresting way.  I’ve been thinking about how to incorporate that into improv, but I need to get a better grip on the basics first.  Actually, I have the basics, it’s the next steps I need to work on.  Everything has come naturally so far, so now that it’s time to think, I’m getting worked up.  I need to let go and enjoy the ride (sound familiar?), but I have this pressure to be good coming from within.  I just need practice.  Each night after class, I leave feeling worse than I started about my capabilities.  Mark is an awesome teacher.  I just see so many of the ideas that he’s explaining but feel that I’m not progressing and acting on these instructions.

What else?  The Fifth Edition of “The Dimensions of Parking” was just released.  Awesome.  I’ll never forget that Alex Boozer Rodriguez gave me my very own Fourth Edition and I thought that was the greatest gift ever.  I also got my copy of “Becoming an Urban Planner.”  Yes, I’m already an urban planner, but I’m one of the “featured interviewees.”  I didn’t sound like a complete idiot (like that horrible Planning Magazine article a few years back), so I’m pleased.  Maybe I’ll buy copies for all my friends children for their graduations.

Thanks for reading and entertaining me during my insomnia.  I’m starting to feel a little like John Mayer for sharing too much.  Eh.  Read what you want and skim the rest.  Or not.  Good night.

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