House Update II

When it rains, it pours.  Or snows.  And so goes the saga of the house hunt.  Here’s the quick update.  If you recall, I signed the release last week, and I was over The Fairmont.  Payam took me to look at 10 places on Saturday morning.  Quite the range of places we saw!  And it was lots of fun to try to get in and out of the houses in snow that had not been shoveled.  And all the houses looked so bright inside because the sun reflected off the snow and may have given me some false impressions.

Good news is that I found something completely opposite of The Fairmont in that it is a condo (2-units in a house) that is brand new with stainless steel appliances and all the fixins’.  Really nice, top of my price range, but would not need any work.  It’s been on the market for almost a year, but they had some pricing adjustments to get them to reality.  Like I said, exactly the opposite of the unhealthy fixer-upper with loads of potential that may have given me an early death.

So, my realtor asked that I wait until getting a signed release – just in case – before making the offer on the condo.  The release came in Monday night and I signed and sent the offer immediately.  Yay!

But there’s always a catch.  Apparently, just hours before they received my offer there was another offer.  WHAT?!?  I’m totally not cut out for this and I have no clue how anyone lived through the bidding wars of 2004-2006.  So now I wait.  I went in with a lowish but strong offer thinking we would negotiate.  Now I wait to see if the other joker did the same thing but offered less money.  I probably won’t get any sleep tonight, but I should hear something by tomorrow hopefully.  I won’t waste blog space telling you about the place until I hear something positive.  It could go either way, so I’m being optimistic and hopeful.  I’m not frustrated, but excited!  And if this one isn’t it, there’s always another….

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