Bee busy

In other news, things are crazy.  I had a wonderful weekend with some girlfriends.  Saturday night with Arlene and Jenny, and Sunday night with Fanny, Corinne, Meghann and Amanda.  Thanks ladies!!

Yesterday I worked even though our offices were technically closed.  I have a deadline tomorrow (stall much??) and needed to make up some hours from the snow at the very least.  No sense taking PTO if I don’t have to!  Tonight Subsidized Corn is back – finally – to practicing after missing two weeks, which really means three weeks of not seeing the gang.  I really missed them.  Tomorrow night is “In the Red and Brown Water” with Fanny.  Thursday night is class.  Friday night is an outing to see UCB with Subsidized Corn as our first official outing.  Saturday morning I’m hiking with the Sierra Club under 395 for an infrastructure walk – no idea, but it sounded cool.  I think we’re going to see oil drippings in the snow under bridges.  At least that is my weird hope.  So, that’s where I’ll be this week, keeping myself busy until I hear if I get a house or not. 

Oh, I almost forgot.  Corey and I are starting our crazy all natural foods only diet tomorrow morning.  The bet is for pride.  It will be hard as hell, and we tried to talk ourselves out of it then we realized that it was all just excuses.  But at least we’re only going for a week.  I tried to start today and I already really, really crave sugar.  Argh.

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