David Gray

So I’m sitting here listening to David Gray’s song that officially says “this year’s love had better last” which made me giggle because Meghann Shinners and I, back in our NACD days, used to think that it was “this is love in Italy.”  Then it occurred to me -quite out of the blue- that had my life continued on a different path, I would be flying to Rome this evening.  Getting out of the city sounds really good, but not Rome and not now.

Instead, I turned that ticket in for a trip to Los Angeles for Brianna’s wedding in late April.  Part of me thinks I cannot wait that long to get to LA.  Freakin’ Joni Mitchell has sung “California” to me three times already today in my shuffle!  I also booked my flight to New Orleans for mid-April, so I’m feeling better about traveling.  I certainly feel grounded while trying to save some money for a house purchase.

Good thing I have a fabulous weekend planned to take my mind off not traveling and not being in California while two feet of snow sits outside my window.  Tonight is the Opening Ceremonies of the Winter Olympics.  I’m such a freak when it comes to the Olympics.  We thought about having a party, then I decided against it due to my propensity to cry at athletic accomplishments.  I started getting weepy this morning with Matt Lauer carrying the torch.  Geez, Megan.

Tomorrow is more house hunting first thing.  I’m very optimistic.  Then an outdoor BBQ (in the snow!) with Corey, Kate and Andrew.  Saturday night is Girls Night Out and Sunday night is Girls Night In.  I’ll keep those details to myself, but I’m looking forward to it.

UPDATE: As if I needed another reason to cry at the Opening Ceremonies.

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