House Update

Several of you have asked for updates on the house.  The update is that I have no update.  Where we last left off, the appraisal value was less than the agreed upon price.  He accepted the price, but without covering the closing costs.  Because the fix up price is quite a bit more than I expected, I cannot afford both the closing costs and the costs to make it livable.  It’s just that simple.  And if I cannot afford it, then I should not be buying it.

On Wednesday a week ago, I counter offered, and I have yet to hear anything.  On Monday I signed a release form that basically takes me out of the contract so I can get my deposit back and move on.  I’m hoping my realtor is using that as a negotiation tool.  I have no clue what is going on with the realtors and seller, but I figure that’s what the realtor gets paid for!  I’m completely stress free about it because I’m not emotional and the decision is out of my hands.  It will work the way the Universe wants it to work.  As I’ve been reminded continually, I can ask for the “what,” but I cannot ask for the “how” and “when.”  It must just be.

Plus, I have the snow to keep me sidetracked.  And boy there’s lots of it to keep me sidetracked!  I could not imagine being a Federal employee;  Tomorrow will be their sixth day in a row not going to work (including the weekend).  I only took today off and I can’t stand it.  I should have cleaned the bathroom, but I did not.  I should have done a lot of things, but I did not.  It was a lazy day, and I needed one of those.  I made some sweet potato chips that were yummy.  I’m about to start a massive wii game with Corey now, so that will keep me entertained for the next hour at least. 

I was headed to the theatre tonight (cancelled) and improv class tomorrow night (cancelled).  That’s the worst part.  And we cancelled improv last night.  I’m going to start sending initiations out into mid air and practing improv by myself if things don’t start to get going again….

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