Snow Tidbits

So, it snowed here.  Not sure if anyone heard.  We got almost two feet of the pretty stuff (Corey measured 19″ but there was more) , though this snow “shut in” was out and about quickly.  It was completely different than the last major snow dump in December; It just didn’t have that same wonder and I lacked that school girl excitement.  So, I didn’t stay in, didn’t explore my neighborhood, didn’t build a snowwoman (yet) and didn’t photograph the hell out of it.  No, this was a different snow storm.  Some notable happenings:

This is 2 feet of snow.

This is 2 feet of snow.

I worked all Saturday morning from my bed and grounded myself until the work was done, so I got a late start for enjoying the snow.  The looming Sunday afternoon conference call hung over me all weekend.  This must be what it feels like to be a real adult.

The trains were running underground, so shout out to Metro for getting me around the city, even if the headways were 30 minutes.  Came in handy for getting to Jules and Gene’s Booze Day party Saturday afternoon and Mike’s SuperBowl Party.

Remember a week or two ago when I said I wanted to be 21 again?  Well, I’m now officially over it after doing a power 30 minutes (I had never done a power hour, but 30 minutes was all any of us could handle).  Not that much alcohol, really, but as I’m not a drinker, there was some crazy stuff going down.  Not as crazy as Jose – the drunkest man I’ve ever seen – passed out cold in the middle of 14th Street at 8:00 on Saturday night.  Holy moly.

Hurricane Corey baked “Raisin Snoatmeal” cookies on Sunday.  Batches and batches.  See the photo for the aftermath.  Since the Feds are off today and he’s at home, he has promised me a photo of the clean kitchen in a bit.  So much for drunk cleaning, eh?

Walking into the Aftermath

Walking into the Aftermath

My body still aches.  It could be a number of things: getting body slammed in the snow repeatedly, whacking my head into Jules’ bar cart when I slipped running through her kitchen, or balancing in the slippery snow with silly rainboots that have no support.  That’s all I remember at least.  Good news is all I have to show for my debauchery is a knuckle bruise, but still no clue how it got there.

I’m working today in the office.  There are four of us here of about 13 people.  With the metro still not running above ground trains, it’s really tough for folks to get in from outside the city.  This is what I get for bragging about how accessible everything is when living in the city – I get to come into work with my three bosses.  Cue brownie points!


This just in…Corey cleaned the kitchen!!  Look how sparkly bright it is.  I am pleased.  Thank you, Corey!  Best roommate ever.  And I’m sure this has nothing to do with Kate coming to visit this weekend.

Go Corey, Go!

Go Corey, Go!

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